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By Christie Ridgway


Long, lean Logan Chase was once harmful to Elena O'Brien. Which used to be why she had to be mad to contemplate his provide of shield. convinced, she wanted a brief domestic whereas hers used to be renovated, yet stay with Logan, the fellow she as soon as dreamed of loving endlessly? that's, till he broke her heart….

Okay, so Logan had much to make up for. in the end, as a stressed, brooding younger guy, he'd left Elena excessive and dry—and on promenade evening, of all nights! yet beginning his domestic to her now used to be definitely insane. simply because all of sudden he was once sharing comfortable meals—and even cozier kisses—with Elena. as soon as he took this blameless good looks to his mattress, could this proven bachelor be mad adequate to…to marry?

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Buy a kiss," he said bravely. Logan laughed. '*Not and survive you're not. " Gabby giggled and Logan looked at her, slightly ashamed for saying such a thing in front of the Frost Queen's sister. But hell. Gabby had to know it was true. ' 'Someone has to go over there and pay for a kiss,'' Tyler said stubbornly. *'Once one man, uh, survives, more customers will come along. " Logan ran a hand through his hair, trying to think of how to explain the situation tactfully. **Someone has to," Tyler insisted, looking young.

When she didn't answer, he swung around. Her eyes appeared so blue their color hit him like a blow, and he suddenly realized there were tears in them. He swallowed, feeling almost sick. *'Elena—" *'Don't. " Her voice was tight. "I'm in this dumb booth for Gabby. " Even though her eyes were watery, she could still pin him painfully with her glare. " It was testament to how truly upset she was that she couldn't complete her threat. " he offered helpfully, trying to give her a chance to recover. " That got her.

She inhaled sharply again, unwittingly drawing in his tongue, and Logan's senses, instead of whirling like the dervishes he expected, heightened. Focused. From her throat came the tiniest of moans, the sound vibrating against his tongue. Her flower-scent bloomed around them and he tasted her desire in the heat of her mouth and in the way her tongue slid against his, as if she had to know its texture, too. All his muscles tensed, every one, everywhere, going rock-solid. He pressed her mouth harder, took the kiss deeper, and even though he felt his blood rush through his body and his heartbeat jump to unpwece-dented speed, his mind remained crystal-clear, as if to sear this new kiss in his memory.

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