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Both ++n and n++ increment n to the value 6. The difference between the two is that the value of ++n in an expression is 6 while the value of n++ is 5. The following example illustrates this difference: // declare three integer variables int n1, n2, n3; // the value of both n1 and n2 is 6 n1 = 5; n2 = ++n1; // the value of n1 is 6 but the value of n3 is 5 n1 = 5; n3 = n1++; Thus n2 is given the value of n1 after n1 has been incremented (using the pre-increment operator), whereas n3 gets the value of n1 before it is incremented using the post-increment operator.

It’s critical that the programmer explain what was going through her mind when she wrote the code. A programmer’s thoughts may not be obvious to the next colleague who tries to use or modify her program. In fact, the programmer herself may forget what her program meant if she looks at it months after writing the original code and has left no clue. Basing programs on C++ statements All C++ programs are based on what are known as C++ statements. This section reviews the statements that make up the program framework used by the Conversion program.

This copies all the source code from the book along with the project files to build those programs. 2. workspace in C:\CPP_Programs. A workspace is a single file that references one or more projects. workspace file contains references to all the projects defined in the book. 3. Right-click the Conversion project in the Management window on the left. Choose Activate Project from the context-sensitive menu that appears. Code::Blocks turns the Conversion label bold to verify that this is the program you are working with right now.

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