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By Rainer Maria Rilke

This consultant choice from Rilke's huge and awesome correspondence offers one of those religious autobiography of the poet.

The interval right here coated displays all of the nice reports of Rilke's early grownup lifestyles: his tricky beginnings, his relationships with Lou Andreas-Salome and together with his spouse Clara, his trips to Russia, his touch with the Worpswede artists, the effect of Paris, the revelation of Cezanne. some of the letters are psychologically revealing; many comment on attribute topics, or freshly transcribe adventure that eventually passes into the poetry.

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Greet, therefore, in our name too all the rooms and the Bibersberg sun that goes down behind the great hall! … [12] To Sofia Nikolaevna Schill Villi Waldfrieden Schmargendorf bei Berlin March 5, 1900 … The translation of the Chaika is finished. I have enjoyed working on it and learned a great deal in the process. A week ago Sunday I read the play aloud at Frau Lou’s, and now for the first time I can look at it clearly and cannot help seeing that its performance here is not without danger, for many characters are brought right to the verge of exaggeration, and it is quite possible that the public here would take them for caricatures, although they are intended and felt seriously.

Only his approach to the pictures changed. “Nature,” he had written of the time before he met Rodin, “was still a general stimulation for me, an evocation, an instrument on whose strings my fingers found themselves again; I did not sit before her; I let myself be carried away by the soul that went out of me; she came over me with her great immense existence, as prophecy came over Saul, just that way. ” Already in his contact with the Worpswede painters he had been made aware of a different relationship to Nature, “this daily attentiveness, alertness, and readiness of the out-turned senses, this thousandfold looking and always looking away from oneself … this being-only-eye,” as he noted in his journal.

And now it can be no presumption if I confess that I feel myself to be an artist, weak and wavering in strength and boldness, yet aware of bright goals, and hence to me every creative activity is serious, glorious, and true. Not as martyrdom do I regard art—but as a battle the chosen one has to wage with himself and his environment in order to go forward with a pure heart to the greatest goal, the one day of celebration, and with full hands to give to all successors of the rich reconciliation finally achieved.

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