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Additionally, they show that the genetic potency of both the Z and W may vary racially. If these can vary interracially, they could vary inter-specifically. The mori situation can be accommodated into the concept by assuming that every mori W chromosome so far examined has been a chromosome of high potential. However, it is uncertain just how universal the concept may be. It would be wise to assume that, with the vast range of Lepidoptera species, other systems of sex determination and development will exist.

Though the W chromosome in mori seems to be of paramount importance, it is by no means certain that this is the general situation. For example, in Lymantria dispar, where the determination of sex has been so studiously analysed by Goldschmidt (1934a; Winge, 1937), a different situation stands revealed. This species is very widely distributed and consists of numerous regional populations which normally would not come into contact with one another. Within each population, sexual development is normal, but the inter- 30 LEPIDOPTERA GENETICS regional crosses produced a great many intersexes.

INTRODUCTION 37 Solenobia triquetrella is of special interest on several accounts. This species has bi­ sexual and parthenogenetic forms. In the latter, the restoration of the diploid number of chromosomes, after the two reduction divisions, is achieved by fusion of the two centrally placed nuclei (one nucleus from each of the two second divisions) and this mechanism is abortively present in the bisexual female form. This fact may explain how the bisexual form may occasionally be facultatively parthenogenetic.

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