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Iii) Saving into common FEL1 the characteristics of up to 10 vertical nodes as specified by NFPRT at input time. (i) COMMONS: TFUEL1, FUL, FEL1, FULIX. Output: (ii) Logical unit 6: Error message 3. Subroutine FUELW Called from: TRANS. (i) Arguments: Input: Performs: Output: IX / channel type index number, CSS / complex driving perturbation's frequency. (ii) COMMONS: INPT, BNDY, NOHD, CEFR3, ADIN, ADD1, FUL, FULIX. 23), for three unity driving perturbations of power generation, coolant flow rate, and coolant temperature, one at a time.

5) IELSKJ(IK,IJ) NNELS# NNLMAX Table of index numbers identifying a value of the table ELST with the neutron lifetime in the subcore of indices (IK,IJ). Length of the table ELST. 4 } A Two-group cross-section expansion coefficients. IXST refers to the cross-section type (1 - fast diffusion coefficient, 2 - thermal diffusion coefficient, 3 - fast absorption cross section, 4 - thermal absorption cross section, 5 - fast fission cross section, 6 - thermal fission cross section, 7 remonition from fast group = absorption + scattering).

Number of friction multiplier types. Number of axial intervals for the IFR-th type friction multiplier. Length of the I-th axial interval within which the friction multiplier is uniform (cm). (I = 1 bottom of the core). Friction multiplier for the I-th axial interval. 3) NIN(IX) NTIN NCM(IIN) DZINM(IIN,I) ∆zin AINM(IIN,I) DEINM(IIN,I) EKCINM(IIN,I) Ain Dein K'cin EKFINM(IIN,I) kfin NTFR # NFMMAX NTIN # NCIMAX Channel inlet piping type of the IX-th thermal region. Number of channel inlet piping types.

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