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By Richard B Baldauf Jr, Robert B Kaplan

This quantity covers the language scenario in Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa explaining the linguistic variety, the ancient and political contexts and the present language scenario, together with language-in-education making plans, the function of the media, the position of faith, and the jobs of non-indigenous languages. The authors are indigenous and feature been members within the language making plans context.

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For instance, the role of head teachers was to be clearly defined as instructional leaders and the appropriate training was to be provided. (4) Finance: The Commission noted that the education system required cost recovery and effective financing systems. The development of educational managers and review of the delivery system are critical to improving education. A total of 134 recommendations were made and those which were accepted are contained the Government White Paper No. 2 called the Revised National Policy on Education (RNPE) passed by the National Assembly in April 1994.

Setswana is second, though policy direction and its recent use in Parliament recognises it as the national language. Minority languages are the least valued and are addressed neither by policy nor by practice. Wolfson & Manes (1985) argue that one’s native language is so much a part of one’s identity that to denigrate it is effectively to deny one’s human ability to communicate (foreword). Devaluing one’s language is equivalent to devaluing that person. In this regard, assimilationist policies that deny children the opportunity to learn in their mother tongue are viewed as inhuman.

Educ. Dev. ) DEPARTMENTS DEPARTMENTS * The Revised Policy on Education Figure 2 Structure of the Ministry of Education · access to senior secondary education was still a problem (NCE 2, 1993: 148); · there was still need for equity in the provision of education between rural and urban areas; · there was still an imbalance in the provision of education between secondary and primary education. Primary school teachers still had no housing, the schools were not electrified and there was still a shortage of classrooms.

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