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By Don Taylor, Jim Mischel, John Penman, Terence Goggin

So much code samples do not even bring together. a 3rd of the e-book is wasted on a few fictional account of an idiotic detective (what does that experience to do with Delphi programming??). The technical details is scarce, and there is not any intensity whatever. no longer definitely worth the attempt of starting the package deal.

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ReadLn; end; end. Now the project file contains just what it’s supposed to contain—project build information and a “go” command. PAS. Reading and Writing Files Once you’ve got command line parsing out of the way, the next big hurdle in a filter program is file I/O. Of course, if you’re doing a simple character-by-character (or line-by-line) translation of a text file, you can use Read and Write (or ReadLn and WriteLn) in conjunction with Eof and Eoln to process your file. 7 copies characters from input to output, translating the lower-case characters to upper-case along the way.

More’s the pity. 2. It works, which is the most important thing, but it’s large, it has lots of places where you can make mistakes, and (perhaps worst of all) it’s ugly. All that icky Windows code in the middle of a pure Delphi program just ain’t right! ) There’s another problem, too, but it’s caused by Delphi’s message handling machinery. Suppose you have two forms that want to respond to WM_DROPFILES messages. If each form assigns its own message handler to Application’s OnMessage event, only the second form will get messages.

NFileLength := DragQueryFile (hDrop, i , Nil, 0) + 1; GetMem (pszFileName, nFileLength); { Copy a file name. Tell you're interested in (i) NOTE: Make sure that the to make room for the nul DragQueryFile the file and the length of your buffer. length is 1 more than the filename character! Add (pszFileName); { free the allocated memory... } FreeMem (pszFileName, nFileLength); end; { Call DragFinish to release the memory that Shell allocated for this handle. NOTE: This is a real easy step to forget and could explain memory leaks and incorrect program performance.

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