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By Barry E. McNamara, Francine J. McNamara

Bullying is an age outdated challenge, yet its seriousness has in basic terms been lately well-known. geared toward mom and dad dealing with elevating teenagers in latest tough global, this e-book profiles bullies and their sufferers; describes styles, underlying explanations, and long term results; and provides particular feedback for facing bullying.

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Previous page page_20 next page > Page 20 7 Types of Victims There are two types of victims: passive victims, which account for the largest number, and provocative victims. Passive Victims Passive victims tend to be weaker and smaller than bullies; therefore, they are usually unable to defend themselves. Many of them respond by giving in to the bullies and frequently crying very easily. Because they yield so readily to bullying, they tend to be targeted over and over again. And, frequency of incidents is a hallmark of bullying.

The patterns of bullying may be different, but the effect remains the same. ) than others. It is rather simple. Children should feel safe at home and at school. Anything that interferes with that needs to be addressed. Labeling the tactics and interpreting the nature of the tactics prevents swift intervention. Perhaps the most important aspect of looking at patterns is to recognize that bullying is widespread and there are many ways in which a bully can victimize a child. There needs to be movement away from the classic bully to becoming aware of more subtle ways in which children are victimized, regardless of their gender.

Finally, they gave in. The child came home from school beaming with joy that some of his classmates commented on his shorts. When children feel that they are perceived as members of the group, their social skills can be boosted. "Fitting in" is crucial at certain ages, especially during the middle school years. Teach the Importance of Eye Contact Children who have a limited ability to pay attention often appear bored or uninterested because they don't make eye contact with others. It is disconcerting when you are < previous page page_53 next page > < previous page page_54 next page > Page 54 having a conversation and the individual doesn't look at you.

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