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By David A. Welch

During this significant examine of the factors of conflict, David Welch argues that, opposite to the obtained knowledge in educational and coverage circles, states are frequently prompted via honest crisis for the perceived calls for of justice, now not only by means of self curiosity. by way of analyzing the outbreak of 5 nice strength wars (the Crimean warfare, the Franco-Prussian battle, international struggle I, international battle II, and the Falklands War), Welch demonstrates the significance of the justice intent in country habit, utilizing either historic and philosophical research to shed new mild on an outdated challenge.

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The justice motive may also help us understand the important role of cognitive simplicity vs. cognitive complexity in decision-making. "85 Cognitively simple people are less circumspect in their analyses of a given situation; they are less open to new or discrepant information (in part because they deem fewer considerations significant); and they are more difficult to persuade (because they have fewer points of leverage upon which to exert pressure). Consequently, negotiating or managing a crisis with a cognitively simple protagonist should prove more difficult than with someone who is cognitively complex, all other things being equal.

I present one of these in detail in Chapter 3 - the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871. Thus the Realist account of motivation cannot be said to be incorrect. 42 This is because some national leaders think and act like Realists, while others do not. If the wars examined in the following chapters constitute a representative sample, it would be difficult to argue that Realist leaders constitute the majority. THE JUSTICE MOTIVE Human beings - and thus national leaders - may be motivated by concerns other than, or in addition to, self-preservation or selfaggrandizement.

Likewise, claims and behavior that we are inclined to see as just incline us not to impute menacing intent. Respect for entitlements may therefore provide a crucial bench mark for assessing the danger posed by other states. In retrospect, for example, it seems quite clear that Soviet policy during the Cold War was essentially defensive in nature. Stalin, Khrushchev, and Brezhnev were all preoccupied with domestic politics, and did not count among their priorities the conquest of Western Europe or the spread of socialism worldwide as American policy-makers feared.

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