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By John F. Julian

Julian's No-Nonsense consultant to successful Blackjack comprises the dash concepts for exploiting brand new multiple-deck video games, test concepts for single-deck video games, simple method and card counting recommendations for unmarried and multiple-deck video games, and techniques for Double publicity Blackjack and a number of motion Blackjack. It additionally contains the last word Blackjack try.

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The count is now at + 1. In a single deck game, the cards are dealt face down. Thus, you'll have to wait for the players to bust or be paid off by the dealer before you can count their cards. You'll have to find the counting procedure that is most comfortable for you. Do this at home. Play endless rounds and count. My estimate is that within a two week span of daily practice sessions at home, you should be proficient enough to venture ino a casino. 58 Then your real education will begin. It will take you time to learn how to do in a casino what you were doing so effortlessly at home.

Always memorize out loud. That's correct. Do not memorize inside your head, it will take you five times as long to do so because your mind will drift off. When you memorize out loud, you are incorporating more than just your internal senses in the effort. Your lips have to form the words, your vocal cords have to push the modulated wind out, your ears hear the word as your inner memory banks start recording this. The more senses you use in memorizing, the more and easier you'll memorize. Also, when you're saying something out loud, you don't have the luxury of drifting off onto other thoughts and images.

But that doesn't mean you can hit major league pitching. So, while there really isn't much to learn in card counting, it takes a lot of effort to do. Is card counting for you? If you plan on going to casinos often - weekly, monthly, every few months - and you intend to play several hours at a clip; if you want to turn the tables in your favor; if you want the ego satisfaction of knowing you can do something that very few people can do, then by all means do learn how to count cards. You'll have to spend quite a bit of time practicing at home and, especially, in the casinos.

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