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By A. DiFilippo

This e-book explores the obvious contradictions in the back of Japan's acknowledged aim of nuclear disarmament and its tacit popularity of being secure by way of the U.S. nuclear umbrella.

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Nuclear umbrella. The chapter concludes by suggesting three important ways that Japan can advance the use of technology to promote nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament. Nuclear Arms and Japanese Security It is no secret that Japan is one of the most advanced technological societies in the world. It is also no secret that because of its technological competency, Japan could easily develop nuclear weapons today. However, Japan has not tried to clandestinely develop nuclear weapons. 2 Heavily dependent on foreign energy sources, Japan began generating commercial nuclear power in 1966.

Authorized by Henry Kissinger during the Nixon administration, the report, produced mainly by the State and Defense Departments, indicates that, “Japan now acquiesces in transit by naval vessels armed with nuclear warheads. S. S. S. S. nuclear weapons into Japanese ports would appear to ignore the gist of the 1960 bilateral security treaty. S. ships entering Japanese ports are carrying nuclear weapons. Contemplating Nuclear Weapons From time to time, conservative Japanese public figures have considered or raised the possibility of Japan acquiring nuclear weapons.

Article VI of the NPT obligates all parties to engage in genuine efforts to bring about the complete abolition of nuclear weapons. But the lack of consensus that existed at the 2005 NPT Review Conference indicated that nuclear disarmament is sill not a priority of some states. NPT was open for signature in 1968 and went into force in 1970. To date, more than 185 states have become parties to NPT, an impressive list that does not include India, Pakistan, and Israel. NPT categorically bifurcated the statuses of nations: the five declared nuclear weapons states—the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, and the former Soviet Union—and the rest, the nonnuclear weapons states.

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