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Is Menstruation Obsolete? argues that typical per thirty days bleeding isn't the "natural" kingdom of ladies, and that it truly areas them liable to a number of health conditions of various severity. The authors hold that whereas menstruation can be culturally major, it's not medically significant. furthermore, they suggest that suppressing menstruation has amazing wellbeing and fitness benefits.
due to cultural adjustments, shorter periods of breast feeding, and contraception, the reproductive styles of recent ladies not resemble that in their Stone age ancestors. ladies have moved from the age of incessant replica to the age of incessant menstruation. therefore, they typically be afflicted by scientific problems relating to menstruation: anemia, endometriosis, and PMS, simply to identify a couple of. The authors motivate readers to acknowledge what has long past formerly overlooked that this per thirty days soreness isn't compulsory. They current compelling facts that the suppression of menstruation is a practicable choice for girls this present day, and that it may be simply attained by utilizing contraception tablets. in reality, they demonstrate that contraceptive brands, understanding that many ladies equate menstruation with femininity and that with no per 30 days bleeding may worry that they have been pregnant, engineered tablet dosage regimens to make sure the continuation in their cycles. certainly, all through background societies have assigned menstruation robust that means, and Is Menstruation Obsolete? provides a desirable heritage of ways menstruation encouraged medical professionals to aim healing bleeding for a number of diseases, and the way this remedy remained dominant in Western medication till the early twentieth century.
Is Menstruation Obsolete? deals girls a clean view of menstruation, supplying them with the knowledge they should make innovative offerings approximately their overall healthiness. it is a message whose time has come.

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In the volume on human biology, Pliny describes menstrual blood as a deadly poison, which contaminates and decomposes urine, destroys the fertility of seeds, kills insects, withers crops, kills flowers, rots fruit, and blunts knives. Pliny also asserts that if menstruation were to coincide with an eclipse of the moon or of the sun, the resulting evils would be irreparable. He warns that when the sun is in full lunar eclipse, sexual intercourse with a menstruating woman can be fatal to a man. With the decline of ancient Greece and the loss of the Greek texts on which Pliny based his work, Natural History became the textbook most used in general education.

Menstruation in the Twentieth Century Despite the progress made in the nineteenth century, scientific evidence that there is normal, cyclical activity in the uterus was not confirmed until the early years of the twentieth century. The classical paper describing the control of changes in the uterus by inner secretions of the ovary was written in 1905 by the Austrian gynecologist Josef Halban. In 1908, Hitschmann and Adler, two German doctors, demonstrated that the alterations in the internal lining of the uterus, the endometrium, interpreted up to that time as pathological, were normal and resulted from the action of Halban's inner secretions (the word hormone had not yet been coined).

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