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Introducing Maya 2008 will express you the way Maya works and introduce you to each half ofthe toolset to offer you a glimpse of the probabilities on hand with Maya.You’ll research the elemental strategies underlying animation and 3D and the way to paintings with theMaya interface. You’ll then examine the fundamental equipment of modeling—creating gadgets andcharacters that seem to exist in third-dimensional house and that may be animated.You’ll additionally discover shading and texturing—the thoughts of using surfaces to theobjects you create—and you’ll easy methods to create lighting fixtures and shadows in a scene. Animationis an drastically wealthy subject, however the perform and thought supplied right here provide you with asolid footing. Then you’ll regulate the method of rendering, turning yourimages into records that may be seen. might be Maya’s such a lot excellent strength is its dynamicsengine, software program for you to make gadgets behave as though managed by means of the realworldlaws of physics.Once you’ve accomplished this publication and its workouts, you might have a few event inalmost every thing Maya bargains, providing you with an excellent beginning on which to base the remaining ofyour Maya and CGI experience.The aim of this booklet is to get you ordinary sufficient with the entire elements of Maya to get youworking by yourself and to begin an extended, fit schooling in a robust and versatile tool.You will, despite the fact that, examine the main from your self.

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Maya is intricate and multifaceted, with layers upon layers of function sets and interface options, separated into categories. The purpose of this chapter is to help you get to know Maya and how it operates rather than how to use it. If you’re looking to get your feet wet right away, you may even want to jump ahead to the Solar System exercise in the next chapter; you can then check back here for explanations of UI elements and windows in this chapter. The best way to start is to explore the interface.

This is referred to as ease-in. The Bouncing Ball tutorial in Chapter 8 illustrates ease-in and ease-out. 6 Keyframe at frame 1 Frame 5 Frame 10 Frame 15 Frame 20 Frame 25 Keyframe at frame 30 Keyframing. In the first frame of this sequence, a keyframe is set on the position, rotation, and scale of the cone. On frame 30, the same properties are again keyframed. Maya calculates all the movement in between. qxd 10/23/07 2:28 PM Page 28 28 ■ chapter 1: Introduction to Computer Graphics and 3D FOLLOW-THROUGH AND ANTICIPATION Sometimes exaggerating the weight of an object is necessary in animation, especially in cartoons.

For more on this notion, see the Axe-Throwing exercise in Chapter 8. SUGGESTED READING The more you know about all the arts that make up CG, the more confident you’ll feel among your peers. To get started, check out the following excellent resources. Art and Design These books provide valuable insights into the mechanics and art of design. The more you understand design theory, the stronger your art will be. Bowers, John. Introduction to Two-Dimensional Design: Understanding Form and Function. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1999.

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