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In such cases, intelligence is revealed in the quest for a new equilibrium, a new way of relating to the other. Carefully study the words printed above, for not less than two minutes; then close the book and write down as many of them as you can remember. The spirit of adaptability One of the most commonly identified characteristics of intelligence is adaptability-an individual's ability to change according to developments in the physical and social environment. The events of individual lives are largely unforeseeable.

F 1r bA a 8) The unnecessary fragments are c and d. 9) The unnecessary fragments are c and e. 10) The unnecessary fragments areg andf. 38 A general survey How is this possible? We know that such visual tricks occur because images remain on the retina of our eye, thus fusing with the next, so producing an impression of movement. It is not hard to see here the basic principle behind the projection of images in movie films. City mirages Our car has stopped at a red light. The lights then change and turn green, and we proceed.

We have turned over the figure on the left and then spun it around. Which of the patterns on the right shows the result? "> b s Q, C I~fj -4, + . N a 07 \1. 155 c. '<'%. * I. 4 %* cm I II , j L"r 0i I! d * +4* We have turned over the fig ure on the left upside down and then spun it around. Which of the patterns on the right shows the result? *4. ,t . 6 + , 8 N, d degrees, then hold the page up to a strong light and look through it at the original figure. ) 21 d 3) b 41 a 51c Answers: 1)d (To prove this, turn the page over, twist the book 180 40 A general survey Topological games 02 Has it ever occurred to you that an ordinary coffee cup with a handle might have a significance beyond its normal function?

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