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By Marco Lehmann-Waffenschmidt

The quantity comprises 8 articles including reviews via twenty authors and discussants relating to strategies and sustainability. It presents a appropriately written, balanced and differentiated state of the art perception into the relation among concepts and sustainability from the viewpoint of evolutionary economics. The scope of the contributions encompasses the technological, social, organizational, and political dimensions of the subject. each one article is mentioned through a adequately written statement delivering a serious assessment and touching on it to the correct literature. specific curiosity lies at the problems with steerage possibilities and course formation functions by way of decentralized brokers, or governmental associations from the point of view of evolutionary economics.

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If technological development is depicted as an evolutionary process in the sense sketched above the following questions must be answered: what are the items which are selected and, in our case, how should we define technology? What are the selection mechanisms for technologies? How does something new come into the world of technologies? And what are the dynamics of technological development according to time? Since a complete overview of the state of the art in evolutionary economics is not possible within the limits of this paper, the following paragraphs provide brief answers to these questions while mainly focussing on characteristics of technological development which are needed for the argumentation in the next sections.

This notion refers to phases of technological competition in which the techno-economic system in question is unstable due to its own dynamics. The concept has been used by various authors (such as [6, 38, 11, 25]), but has not been carefully defined. It refers to the temporary existence of circumstances 30 Ren´e Kemp and Stefan Zundel that allow the creation of something novel. Using the notation of system dynamics we can define a window of opportunity as a time period in which the dynamic equilibrium is breakable with minor efforts.

During development rounds brings flexibility to the process, without losing the long-term focus. The role of government differs for each transition phase. For example, in the pre-development stages there is a special need for social experimentation and support for a transition programme, the details of which should evolve with experience. In the acceleration phase there is a special need for controlling the side effects of the large-scale application of new technologies. Throughout the entire transition the external costs of technologies (old and new ones) should be reflected in prices.

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