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By Scott Charlton

Within the Shadow of the satan is the second one experience within the Coryani Chronicles, a chain of adventures that concentrate on the Romanesque Coryani Empire. From out of the murky centuries, the dastardly works of betrayal and heresy show themselves in a flurry of mysterious omens, robbery, bloody homicide, and open rebellion. For a bunch of adventurers what started as an easy supply to a prestigious marriage ceremony quickly turns into a nefarious net of lies. what's came upon unveils refined clues and tantalizing conundrums that at the beginning look unrelated to the target to hand: the go back of the stolen Orb of Saint Meritricus. Delve into the mysterious and unique League of Princes and discover the bad mystery of Dhakavaar and the Vale of Shadows.

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On the wall opposite the archway, a statue of a Myrantian woman sits on a decorated wooden throne, and a golden orb with a stylized eye cut into it floats in the air 29 I N T H E S H A D O W O F T H E D E V I L above the head of the statue. The statue body is made of wood and painted, but the head is made of bronze and covered in a crust of verdigris from oxidizing. If the vault is entered, the orb will start to glow with a golden radiance and shine a beam of light on the head of the statue, which will open its eyes.

Well of the Black Moon In the center of the bone-strewn courtyard is a large open shrine consisting of four black marble pillars around a raised dais and two skeletal black statues line each stair. Resting on the pillars is a white and red marble dome, lined on the inside with seamless glittering onyx panels. Directly beneath the dome is a large well with a rim made of stone blocks imbedded with thirteen resin-coated skulls. Each skull has blood red garnets in its eyes, worth 150 GPs. The repugnant smell of corpses comes from within, from the rotting guardian of this place, a huge Night Fang at the bottom of the thirty-foot watery shaft.

On the western end of the room is a very old carved stone altar dedicated to ancestor worship, and in the corners are six statues of ancient knights. In the middle of the west wall is an alcove with a copper statue of the first founder of the val’Baucisz, Checzgu the Destroyer, and a glass coffin on a fine table inlaid with ivory and gold fittings. The coffin is completely frosted over with ice, and the fog seems to be emanating and rolling from it. Inside is Mariella Fortunata of Eerati, now a Greater Ekimu, trapped in the coffin for many years by Illiirite holy symbols etched onto the glass lid.

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