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By Linda D. Bradley, Tommaso Falcone

This new textual content provides authoritative in-depth assurance of hysteroscopy, a brief in-office approach for a correct prognosis of irregular vaginal bleeding, uterine adhesions, overseas our bodies, uterine structural defects, anatomic defects, and infertility. greater than 380 full-color pictures offer a real-life perform point of view of the stipulations you are going to come upon, and an advantage DVD positive factors three hours of videos that display hysteroscopic methods played, step by step. This strategy allows you to take an immediate view of any pathology, with no the danger of radiation publicity, and reduces the possibilities of uterine perforation. Chapters surround a whole diversity of scientific concerns, together with instrumentation, imaging, problems, and endometrial ablation.

  • Includes an advantage DVD with sixty four video clips-3 hours of footage-that demonstrates how one can thoroughly practice hysteroscopy ideas, step by step.
  • Provides chapters that element the instrumentation you will need to successfully practice hysteroscopic systems.
  • Features a whole bankruptcy on imaging, together with saline infusion sonography, maintaining you present at the most modern imaging expertise.
  • Offers professional information on endometrial ablation, a widespread workplace approach used to diagnose and deal with irregular bleeding.
  • Presents assurance of diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy, allowing you to include this know-how of accelerating medical use into your practice.
  • Features a colour layout with greater than 380 full-color photos that spotlight strategies and equip you with a real-life perform perspective.

Note: The Kindle version of this booklet doesn't comprise any CDs or DVDs.

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Visualization of both fallopian tubes is paramount for a quick procedure (Fig. 3–25). Inquire about menstrual aberrations if planning for hysteroscopic sterilization. The most common intracavitary lesions in reproductive-age patients with abnormal menstruation are polyps and submucosal fibroids (Fig. 3–26). If a patient requests hysteroscopic sterilization and has irregular menstruation, consider office hysteroscopy to obtain a panoramic view of the endometrium and tubal ostia. Scheduling this advance view will enable you to determine if there is obstruction to the tubal ostia or poor visualization, which might prevent placement of the sterilization device.

Fabres and colleagues22 noted an excellent correlation between TVUS and office hysteroscopy. In all women, TVUS revealed the presence of a diverticulum on the anterior uterine segment at the site of the expected cesarean section. Hysteroscopy revealed a 100% correlation with TVUS in detecting the pouch. Erickson and Monteagudo23,24 evaluated the lower uterine segment with SIS and noted diverticula on the anterior wall at the expected cesarean section. The scar essentially becomes a focus of adenomyosis.

25 Both endometrial biopsy and hysteroscopy were used to determine if an ectopic pregnancy or missed abortion was seen. In eight patients, an empty cavity was identified at diagnostic hysteroscopy and the endometrial biopsy was negative. In two patients, hysteroscopy was not contributory and the endometrial biopsy was negative. Pregnancy was found in one patient and an IUD with blood in the cavity was found in the other. In three patients who had an early abortion, hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy demonstrated chorionic villi.

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