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More important, how do we pass on values about peace and nonviolence to our son? Page 8 In 1979, while a student at the Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries in Elkhart, Indiana, I had the opportunity to search for answers to those questions in a course on war, peace, and revolution. I made that search by surveying what had been written on the subject of peace education in eight periodicals produced by the historic peace churchesMennonite, Brethren, and Friendsin the past 30 years (see listing at the end of this chapter).

The peace, then, to which we educate is more than a passive concept: the absence of conflict or war. It is rather learning the values of reconciliation and problem-solving, of justice and love, of establishing proper relationships without as well as a sense of well-being within. Yet to know the importance of the home in passing on values to children, and to know something about the peace values we want to pass on, is not necessarily to know how to do it. For many of us increased knowledge only means increased Page 10 frustration.

How do you deal with anger? __ Hold it in. __ Confront. __ Talk openly. __ Walk away. Page 28 Values exercises help to raise our awareness, but they should be considered a means, not an end. Once our priority is clear, we are called to act upon it. Families may formulate letters to the newspaper, the television producer, the president/prime minister to express their concern for peace. Parents and children may covenant to find creative ways for dealing with family conflicts. d. After looking at the parent support group area idea in chapter 2 and the suggestion that churches act as facilitators for parents who want to share, discuss: (1) Would this be helpful to your group?

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