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By Jane Setter; Cathy S P Wong; Brian Hok-Shing Chan

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Bradshaw (1997) claims that it is not so much a matter of conscious choice between British and American English as speakers are able to draw on both varieties as and when they are exposed to them, which results in a mixed accent. 3 that vowels often described as being in long and short pairs in RP are given the same symbol in Hong Kong English, indicating that there is no phonemic length difference. FLEECE and KIT, LOT and THOUGHT, and GOOSE and FOOT are represented with /i/, /ɔ/ and /u/ respectively.

A banana TREE {05-MT:03:23} (71) follow that road and you will see the banana TREE {08-MT:02:34} (72) you can see a banana TREE . . can you see it {10-MT:02:23} In each case, the main stress in the compound falls on the last word, which is similar to the pattern found in premodifier + noun combinations in varieties such as British and American English. 16 Rhythm Speech rhythm in varieties of English such as RP and General American is very often referred to as ‘stress-timed’ (or ‘stress-based’), which means that the timing between the onsets of stressed syllables is roughly similar; this is as opposed to ‘syllable-timed’ (or ‘syllable-based’), in which the timing between the onset of each syllable is roughly similar.

10 above) means that some syllables, that is, those ending in a syllable-final plosive consonant, are considerably shorter than others, and this clearly has an effect on Hong Kong English. If we review the syllable types which are available to a Cantonese speaker, we find that there are four, where the glide of a phonetic diphthong is included in Cf, following Bauer and Benedict (1997): V, VCf, CiV, CiVCf. As there are also syllabic nasals in Cantonese, which carry tone movement – mid-low falling [m] (no, not) and mid-low rising [ŋ] (five) – we can also say that Csyl is a possible syllable in Cantonese, bringing the total to five.

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