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By Gisela Dallenbach-Hellweg, F.D. Dallenbach

Reevaluation of tumor category, differential prognosis and differential remedy in keeping with glossy wisdom. Revision of all chapters to include new proof in keeping with fresh discoveries.

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Their rounded nucleus is generally located above those of the neighboring epithelial cells (FEYRTER and FROEWIS 1949). In 1950 28 The Normal Histology of the Endometrium HAMPERL described a ciliary vesicle in these cells which, he explained, moved upwards through the cell to protrude at the upper surface, releasing its cilium to the outside. Later the ciliary border is shed by apocrine mechanisms. With the electron microscope it is possible to follow the development of the cilia from the basal corpuscles within the cytoplasm.

Others were unable to detect obvious differences between the proliferative phase and the secretory phase (WISLOCKI et al. 1950; GROSS 1964; BITENSKY and COHEN 1965; FILIPE and DAWSON 1968; BARON and ESTERLY 1975). Acid phosphatase is primarily localized in the cytoplasm of the glandular epithelium. Here it gradually migrates from its initial basal subnuclear accumulation to the apex of the cell (ELIAS et al. 1983). In addition, some stromal cells usually give a positive reaction. GOLDBERG and JONES (1956) and VACEK (1965), however, reported a premenstrual increase in the activity in cells they called "macrophages".

From the character or age of that reaction we may be able to judge when the foreign material entered the uterus. A foreign-body reaction follows contamination of the uterine cavity with nonsoluble particulate matter, for example with talcum crystals. These may be identified under polarized light as the cause of a granulomatous reaction since they are double-refractive. A foreign-body reaction may occasionally develop in the endometrium after intrauterine instillation of a liquid tissue adhesive for sterilization.

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