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Decrease the strain of learning English and aid your baby with their homework!

The ideal advisor for folks who are looking to help their young ones with schoolwork, Help your children with Language Arts is designed to make all aspects of learning the English language effortless and interesting.

Presenting the fine details of English in a transparent, visible, and available kind, Help your children with Language Arts covers every thing from the elemental strategies of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and conversation talents to a few of the tougher principles that face scholars today.

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Verb adverb preposition direct object 58 GRAMMAR Conjunctions SEE ALSO A CONJUNCTION CONNECTS WORDS, PHRASES, AND CLAUSES. 64–65 Clauses 66–67 Compound sentences Complex sentences Also known as connectives, conjunctions are used to link two or more parts of a sentence. These parts can be of equal importance, or a main clause can be linked to a subordinate clause using a subordinator. Using clauses correctly Commas Coordinating conjunctions • Relative pronouns such as who, whom, which, and that are used in the same way as subordinators.

Somebody and someone mean the same thing, as do anybody and anyone, everybody and everyone, and nobody and no one. This is a preposition, so the subject pronoun I is wrong. The object pronoun me now correctly follows the preposition for. 36 GRAMMAR Number and gender PRONOUNS AND DETERMINERS MUST AGREE WITH THE NOUNS TO WHICH THEY RELATE. In English, there are no personal pronouns or possessive determiners that can be used to refer to someone without identifying whether that person is male or female.

It always goes before the direct object, and typically right after the verb. Indirect objects never occur without a direct object. SUBJECT climbed the tree. The direct object— the tree—is being climbed by the subject, the raccoon. the action VERB The raccoon OBJECT DIRECT OBJECT some nuts. threw INDIRECT OBJECT The raccoon is performing the action. the action the deer The nuts are being thrown. The deer is receiving the direct object, the nuts. Transitive verbs Intransitive verbs Action verbs can be divided into two types—transitive and intransitive.

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