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By John Soars, Liz Soars

Headway is for college kids who are looking to use English safely and fluently, and to speak comfortably in either social and daily situatiuons. This most up-to-date addition to the Headway relations deals the newbie and fake newbie all of the most sensible good points of the Headway package deal plus the more recent beneficial properties of `Everyday English' sections, an built-in vocabulary syllabus, and revision and self-access sections after each 4 devices.

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4 Check the meaning of new verbs in your dictionary. What is the past tense form of each verb? hear think wait smile ring tell forget speak laugh Listening Divide into two groups. Group A Group B Listen to Wendy Mint. Listen to Trevor Richards. Answer the questions about your couple. > Comprehension check a b c d e f g h When did they meet? How did they meet? What is his job? Was he at work when they met? What did he/she like about him/her? Are they'both English? Who is shy? Wendy talks about a restaurant.

Ask about: a swimming pool a supermarket J ( Yes, there are two. * t • a school a sports'club a bar a cinema a disco a hospital 2 Here are the answers to some questions about the text. Write the questions. a 10 Downing Street, b 600. c 300. d Coffee, toast, and eggs, e In their own bedroom, f On Tuesday evenings. • VOCABULARY AND PRONUNCIATION Places, people, food and drink 1 Put words from the text Inside Buckingham Palace into the correct columns. Mark the stress on words with two syllables or more.

In I loved all the children, In the 1920s I (look) after five children. Her father died when she was Queen Victoria was barn in f g Robert's over seventy now and I still see him. ). She was Queen of the United Kingdom for nearly sixty-four years. ) with their He . (visit) me just last month. Listen to Ellen and check your answers. • The past tense ending -ed has three different pronunciations. Listen and put the verbs in the correct columns. ) and she was Queen from 1837 to 1901. She didn't have any brothers or sisters.

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