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Ernie Prang 86. Nicolas Flamel 87. Regulus 90. Red 92. The Daily Prophet 93. Hogwarts: A History 94. Chroniclus Punnet 95. Stroke its Spine 96. Which Broomstick 97. The Quibbler 98. Most Charming Smile 99. Bathilda Bagshot 100. The Half Blood Prince View the questions for this section The Weasley Family – Part 1 101. Ginny 103. Ford Anglia 104. Nine 106. Dean Thomas 107. Bill 109. Fleur Delacour 110. The Department of Mysteries View the questions for this section Hogwarts Teachers – Part 1 111.

Name the Gryffindor ghost’s full name 300. And how many times was he hit in the neck with a blunt axe? View the answers for this section Books and the Like – Part 2 301. Which book does Dumbledore bequeath to Hermione? 302. How many Galleons formed the prize money in the Daily Prophet Prize Galleon draw? 303. What did Harry use to keep the Monster Book of Monsters shut? 304. What name got inscribed on Ron’s ‘Advanced Potion Making’ Book 305. Who is the author of ‘Advanced Potion Making’? 306. Who wants to write Harry Potter’s biography?

Who wrote ‘Curses and Counter Curses’? 310. Who wrote the Dream Oracle? View the answers for this section The Wizarding World – Part 2 311. How old are witches and wizards when they come of age? 312. What are the four different types of blood purity? 313. What is the main lift at the Ministry of Magic disguised as? 314. What are dark wizard catchers called? 315. What is the name of the place in London where witches and wizards go to shop? 316. Which object is used to transport wizards from one place to another at an arranged time?

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