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By Philip Garrou, Christopher Bower, Peter Ramm

The 1st encompassing treatise of this new, yet vitally important box places the recognized actual barriers for traditional 2nd electronics into standpoint with the necessities for additional electronics advancements and marketplace prerequisites. This two-volume guide offers 3D suggestions to the function density challenge, addressing all very important matters, reminiscent of wafer processing, die bonding, packaging expertise, and thermal features.

It starts off with an introductory half, which defines worthwhile targets, latest matters and relates 3D integration to the semiconductor roadmap of the undefined, earlier than occurring to hide processing expertise and 3D constitution fabrication options intimately. this is often through fields of program and a glance on the way forward for 3D integration.

The contributions come from key gamers within the box, from either academia and undefined, together with such businesses as Lincoln Labs, Fraunhofer, RPI, ASET, IMEC, CEA-LETI, IBM, and Renesas.

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