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By Jean Noel Buy, Michel Ghossain

This e-book offers a close consultant to the use and interpretation of colour Doppler ultrasound, CT, and MR imaging in sufferers with gynecological issues. the benefits and obstacles of every modality in imaging various pathologies are in actual fact provided, and recommendation is supplied at the excellent alternative while ultrasound doesn't allow a distinct analysis or fails to figure out the best extension of a lesion. all through, emphasis is put on the significance of microscopic and macroscopic findings for an entire knowing of the radiological appearances, and correct issues from the elemental sciences also are highlighted. specified consciousness is paid to problems with differential prognosis and imaging effects which are attribute of a selected kind of lesion. The authors are well-known specialists within the box who draw upon their substantial event to supply an up to date reference publication hugely correct to daily scientific perform.

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It contains: 1. The posterior anal triangle 2. The urogenital triangle from the deep part to the skin. This urogenital compartment contains: • The deep perineal space (deep limit: the inferior surface of the pelvic diaphragm) • The superficial perineal space (superficial limit: the superficial perineal fascia) • The vulva or pudendum or female external genitalia (the upper limit, the superficial perineal fascia; the lower limit, the skin) In the middle of the line joining the ischial tuberosities is the PERINEAL BODY It is a poorly defined aggregation of fibromuscular tissue located at the junction between the anal and urogenital triangles.

Small bowel attached by the mesentery to the posterior parietal peritoneum along its root extending from the duodenojejunal junction to the ileocecal junction 2. Cecum usually suspended by a short mesentery and appendix with its short mesoappendix connecting it to the lower part of the ileal mesentery 3. 1 Definitions Peritoneum [2]: a single layer of flattened mesothelial cells, lying on a layer of loose connective tissue The mesothelium usually forms a continuous surface, but in some areas may be fenestrated; neighboring cells are joined by junctional complexes but probably permit the passage of macrophages.

White line at the level of the lower part of the cervix. Mackenrodt’s ligament between the blue arrow and the yellow arrow, above the white line. Below the white line, paravaginal subperitoneal tissue (black arrow) 20 General ■ PART 1 Fig. 2 (continued) (g) Section through the middle part of the ovary at the level of change in direction of the salpinx (orange landmark). Round ligament (brown arrow), mesosalpinx containing uterine artery (red arrow), mesovarium (black arrow), ovary (yellow arrow), tube with ampullary portion (blue arrow) and infundibulum (purple arrow).

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