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From the mad Malachite throne to Rauxes to the bejeweled urban of Chendl in Fuyondy, the Flanaess is at struggle! within the east, overking Ivid V thirsts for conquest. Vatun, nice God of the North, in the meantime unites the barbarians and Fists right into a fearsome strength. to not be outdone, the dread Iuz lots humaniods and fiends within the northwest. And the Scarlet Brotherhood within the south hangs over all of the Flanaess, pulling the strings of struggle like a mad puppeteer.Take command of the armies your self and alter the darkish process historical past! among and 6 gamers can conflict, finding out the Flanaess's destiny in international relations and struggle, and top armies and heroes throughout full-color maps. Muster your armies from over three hundred counters, starting from gentle infantry to dragons - together with your favourite demihumans and monsters to boot! With over one hundred fifty playing cards, you could look for treasure or mercenaries and obtain the gods' blessing (or curse) via distinct occasions. whilst the battles come - the days that try out the souls of all - you will need your armies subsidized with the knowledge within the 32-page background of the particular warfare. The boxed set additionally comprises an easy-to-read 8-page ebook of ideas, with not obligatory complex ideas for hard-core wargamers.The Flanaess awaits an heroic deliverer - or an oppressive overlord! as a way to you be?

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While defending Irongate, and thus Onnwal, the Brotherhood worked elsewhere to destroy the unity of the Iron League. Confident the Vast Swamp would block any overland attack, the Father of Obedience did not lift a finger when Osson liberated Sunndi. Under Ivid’s rule, the courts of Sunndi were impervious to the Brotherhood’s advisors, but liberated from the yoke of the Great Kingdom, the people would welcome the Scarlet Brotherhood-at least for a time. One other part of the Iron League held particular interest for the Scarlet Brotherhoodthe Lordship of the Isles.

Traveling in disguise, Marquel wandered in his investigation into lands even farther south. Although unable to penetrate the forbidding ranks of the Scarlet Brotherhood, Marquel faithfully recorded every rumor, tale, and experience of his journey. The result is an odd admixture of petty details and grand impossibilities, but once again, it provides the best source of information on the Scarlet Brotherhood. , that they are surface-adapted drow or creatures that arrived through a magical gate) fail to account for the easy infiltration of Brotherhood spies and assassins into human courts.

The crisis reached its climax during the Richfest celebrations of that year. 42When news spread of Ivid’s death, the gloom over the land lifted. The nobles stoked the fires of celebration, joyously preparing for the power struggle to come. The Great Kingdom was spared that turmoil, however, by an even greater one. Just as the cunning of the mad Overking had saved Ivid from countless threats past, it saved him now from the grave. Secret arrangements, perhaps made with fiends summoned while on the Malachite Throne, resulted in the Overking’s revivification.

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