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Jason’s speech is indeed the outstanding example in Euripides of rhetoric being used to promote the weaker case,” Lloyd (1992: 43). 49 Was she, then, (like Bewitched’s Samantha) a witch stifling her powers and trying to be like everybody else? She shows a benign side in Corinth with the citizen families. 47 48 an ideal woman 25 to depend on a man (and hers turns out to be the world’s worst). But that comes later. 181–5) was an illusion all along: there was no equality (as Medea sees in hindsight), no shared world view.

And kill the king”) may not have been shocking to the Athenian audience who heroized Harmodius and Aristogeiton, the two men who killed the tyrant (τὸν τύραννον κτανέτην) as a prelude to making Athens ἰσόνομος (“where all have equal rights”) as the old 32 See Fartzoff (1996: 153–5) on the frequency of the use of the word τύραννος and below, chapter 5 on the politics of the Medea. 33 A characteristic of tyrants is that they make their own laws. See Fartzoff (1996: 158, 162). 34 Bracketing 355–6 (with Nauck and Diggle).

67 See Sfyroeras (1995: 126). an ideal woman 33 His loyalties have changed and it will not do to say that his philotimia (“ambition”) is grounded primarily in the honor of his oikos68 because he has abandoned his oikos. It will not do to say that the children are bastards and therefore not his responsibility because they are his when he needs them. You did it all for your marriage? Do you think this is a minor trouble for a woman? Yes, if she is virtuous. (1367–9) Medea in her infamous analogy and choice of war over marriage and motherhood has made it clear that she understands the structures/ideology of her (adopted) culture quite as well as any literary theorist.

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