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24 No one, however, denies the fact that co-option and adaption of this technology changed the paradigm of war-making in Europe, in multiple ways for centuries. The history of gunpowder technology is, perhaps, a more obvious example of the effects of co-option and adaption. Gunpowder was not new to human history in the Middle Ages. Greek fire first appears as part of Byzantine technology in the 7th century. It was discharged in liquid form in order to serve as an incendiary agent against wooden structures in siege and naval warfare.

0007 4 Intended and Unanticipated Consequences Abstract: The process of innovation through adaption and use is impacted by multiple turns in the road, many of which result in unseen and unintended consequences. While this is important to civilian applications, it is especially important when these consequences are experienced by military organizations which are tasked with the immediate responsibility to project violence on behalf of the state. Traditional constraints within military culture include the law of war, the warrior ethic, and the relationships which have traditionally been forged between soldiers and their leaders.

The open door is a powerful conceptual tool for thinking about all technology, especially military technology. It adds what most accounts of technological innovation lack: human agency,” 4. W. Brian Arthur, The Nature of Technology, What It Is and How It Evolves (New York: The Free Press, 2009). McNeil, A History of the Human Community xiii. David Grossman, “Evolution of Weaponry, A Brief Survey of Weapons Evolution. htm, November 23, 2009. edu/halsall/med/sloan,html, November 23, 2009. David Edge, John M.

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