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An outstanding e-book. rather well researched. The thesis is convincingly proven. i'd suggest to scholars and associates.

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172 Much has been made of Washington’s ‘‘need’’ to root out the fruitful fields of the Iroquois that supposedly fed the Confederates, but next to no attention has been paid to the British desire to do the same to Washington’s commissary at places like Cherry Valley. Not only did the Rangers’ attack cut off Washington’s food supply, but it also had the happy effect of quieting a staging ground for the Americans while helping the Crown come through on its promise of sustenance to its Iroquoian allies, now badly in need in the wake of Hartley’s and Butler’s depredations.

59 This news was passed very quickly to their mutual superiors, Generals Washington and Clinton.

123 Settler stories of Esther were macabre, depicting her as striding across the Wyoming field in mid-battle, chanting war songs and, accompanied by her women warriors, encouraging the Seneca men to ever greater atrocities. 126 Rev. 129 Neither does the fact that, much like Thayendanegea, Esther might not have been at Wyoming that day. Andrew was killed 2 July, and the Wyoming battle occurred on 3 July. 131 Since Esther died at the Battle of Newtown in 1779,132 she might well have led women warriors at Wyoming, making the story of her presence on the battlefield more likely if not necessarily as gruesome as propagandized.

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