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For many bridge avid gamers, defence is the toughest a part of the sport. during this e-book, acclaimed British writer Danny Roth takes his readers during the most typical motives of blunders on defence: taking methods too early, no longer cashing out whilst helpful, no longer utilizing all of the details to be had from the bidding and play, now not benefiting from the protective trump holdings, careless discarding, and plenty of extra. He explains tips on how to realize the risks, and the way to address each one of them appropriately. The occasions he describes are encountered on a daily basis; cautious examine of the examples during this ebook will make the reader a greater card participant, and enhanced rankings will surely stick with.

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Observe that declarer won the first trick in dummy to preserve his precious entry to the weak hand. Note that ducking the club restricts declarer to two club tricks instead of three. In this kind of position, where declarer has communication problems and no obvious long suit, passive defence is usually right. In a race situation it could well be right to attack spades, but not here. C H A P T E R 3 Information Theory P A R T 1 Throwing the Switch In life we often have to summon up the courage to admit we were wrong; the same is true at the bridge table.

The answer is, of course, that he does not know how to do so and will remain ignorant unless you tell him! North ♠ K 10 6 ♥ 10 8 6 2 ♦AKQJ9 ♣K West East ♠QJ9875 ♥Q7 ♦86 ♣A52 ♠42 ♥954 ♦743 ♣ 10 9 8 4 3 South ♠A3 ♥AKJ3 ♦ 10 5 2 ♣QJ76 You now realise what is going on. If you ruff, he will assume that you have no honour to protect and will probably play for the drop in hearts. If you refuse, however, he is likely to credit you with a trump holding worth keeping and take the percentage line of the finesse.

Partner could have two tricks but may well only have one. A likely scenario is this: North ♠A84 ♥KQ84 ♦AJ65 ♣A8 West East ♠ Q J 10 9 6 ♥A5 ♦984 ♣ Q J 10 ♠K2 ♥96 ♦K32 ♣975432 South ♠753 ♥ J 10 7 3 2 ♦ Q 10 7 ♣K6 Observe the effect of playing your low spade at trick one. Declarer attacks trumps, West winning. You will win the next spade and exit in trumps or clubs, leaving South time to knock out your ♦K while West is unable to cash a second spade trick. Later, dummy's long diamond will be cashed for declarer's tenth trick while he discards his losing spade.

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