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By Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita Blake has been requested to elevate the dead-but the implications usually are not going to make all people happy...

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He was climbing back into his blank face, all that anger and disappointment shoved down behind the iron of his will. I wasn’t, actually. “Maybe they’re not mine to introduce,” I said. Bennington looked back at Nathaniel and Jason. “You’re dancers at Guilty Pleasures. The website says you’re a wereleopard and a werewolf. My wife went on a shapeshifter night. ” I sighed and said, “Mr. ” I used their stage names automatically, because once someone recognizes someone from the club, it’s just safer to continue to be that persona.

About the Author Laurell K. Hamilton is a full-time writer. She lives in a suburb of St. Louis with her family. “I want you to raise my wife from the dead, Ms. Blake,” Tony Bennington said, in a voice that matched the expensive suit and the flash of the Rolex on his right wrist. It probably meant he was a lefty. Not that his handedness mattered, but you learn to notice primary hands when people try to kill you on a semiregular basis. “My condolences,” I said automatically, because Bennington didn’t display any grief.

His eyes were lost rather than angry. ” I almost asked if by “be with her” he meant sex, but I did not want to know. I didn’t need to know because I wasn’t raising this zombie. There had been cases of other animators raising deceased spouses and having that happen, which is why most of us make the client understand that the zombie goes back in the grave the same night it comes out. It avoided a whole host of problems if you just put the dead person back in its grave immediately. Problems that made me have to fight off visuals I did not need in my head.

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