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So if you are a new moon person, you will feel most dynamic at a new moon. If you are a balsamic individual then the balsamic phase is your peak time, and so on. Ideally it would seem that we hit our peak physically each month at the return of our natal lunar phase. It is almost as if each month, we get a bit of extra 'oomph' for that karmic or soul task that we are given to do. There are also times in our lives at which we need that extra 'oomph' or energy for different developmental jobs. For example, whilst mothering it may be easier to be ovulating on a Full moon, than on a dark moon, so that the extra physical burst or peak can be given over to the nurturing of our families rather than more inward and solitary introspection.

Keywords: Communication, distribute, convey, network, exchanging, working with others, group vision and purpose, talking, writing, openness. THIRD QUARTER OR LAST QUARTER MOON 270 - 314 degrees. au Re-evaluation and re-organisation are the important themes for the Third Quarter Moon individual or life. Last quarter types often experience a crisis in consciousness as they are pushed to re-evaluate the meaning and purpose of their lives in the here and now, or alternatively the culmination of many lifetimes experience up until the now.

Observing mucus is simple. You are only interested in the mucus that is readily observable at the mouth of the vagina. You need only touch the mouth of the vagina, the outside of the opening (no need to touch inside), or alternatively wipe the vaginal mouth with a tissue and feel mucus from that. Dry or no mucus = non - fertile Wet, profuse and slippery mucus = fertile . The changes from dry to wet indicate that fertile phase is coming, so either don't have sex or use reliable contraception. As the desire for sex increases with fertility, it is always a good idea to have contraception on hand.

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