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An awful lot had happened to him since; several lifetimes' worth. The companions took in the splendor with only a fraction of their attention, the rest devoted to Tomasina's smooth, finely muscled behind, which orbited through divine figure eights as she led the way. Floyt was reassured in that Alacrity had reemerged from his distraction enough to oggle. Alacrity did not, however, as might otherwise have been the case, offer to lick Tomasina's skin until his tongue wore down. They came at length to the central kitchen, high up in the summit of Ends Well, a room only slightly smaller than a concert hall, with sky and sunlight all around.

All around were strange plants, stranger sounds. It was hot, difficult, pointless inconvenience, which was pretty much Alacrity's definition of most sports. Floyt wasn't quite sure how he became separated from the others, but given the jungle landscaping, it was no surprise. He could see the top of the target hill, and so pressed on that way. Alacrity thought everybody was following his lead as he pushed and beat his way along. It took him a while to realize that nobody was behind him. He had a traumatized feeling there in the stillness and called out, but the undergrowth drank up all the sound.

There's also mention of a gentleman named Baron Mason, an extremely influential and formidable man who's become an Interested Party of late. " Alacrity thought for a moment. If he couldn't trust Lord Marcus Perlez, things were about as bad as they could get anyway. "Dincrist has his own plan to take control of the Ship board. " He held up his fist, showing his proteus. "I managed to get a copy and I've studied it all the way here from Luna. I think that same takeover idea can be used by somebody else.

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