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Rudolf Serkin: A Life

This booklet is the 1st biography of 20th-century pianist Rudolf Serkin, offering a story of Serkin's lifestyles with emphasis on his ecu roots and the impression of his circulate to the US. in line with his own papers and correspondence, in addition to wide interviews with acquaintances, relations, and associates, the authors concentrate on 3 key elements of Serkin's paintings, relatively because it opened up in the United States: his artwork and occupation as a pianist, his actions as a pedagogue, together with his lengthy organization with the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, and his key function in institutionalizing a redefinition of musical values in the US via his paintings as inventive director of the Marlboro track institution and pageant in Vermont.

Ing As in King (Word Families Set 6)

Introduces, in short textual content and illustrations, using the letter mixture "ing" in such phrases as "king," "ring," "wring," and "swing. "

The Dissection of Vertebrates: A Laboratory Manual

With illustrations on seven vertebrates - Lamprey, Shark, Perch, Mudpuppy, Frog, Cat, Pigeon - Dissection of Vertebrates is the 1st publication of its variety to incorporate fine quality, digitally rendered illustrations, and has lately received an Award of Excellence in Illustrated scientific ebook from the organization of Medicial Illustrators.

Universals and Property Instances: The Alphabet of Being (Aristotelian Society, Vol 15)

Considering the fact that Plato a few philosophers have famous homes and family as universals, primary realities, whereas others have disputed their life. during this quantity, John Bacon argues that it's tricky to disclaim the life of particularized houses and family members, which in glossy philosophy are often referred to as "tropes".

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Even when the decision is made by a group of individuals, responsibility will lie with one person (or a small number of people) who can be held personally responsible. This implies that regulatory policy should not be driven by notions of moral hazard that punish or reward the firm, but rather should focus on the individual. If the government wishes to discourage excessive risk taking, it should provide specific sanctions against the individuals responsible for making the risktaking decisions.

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