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By Merrill Swain, Sharon Larkin

This booklet demanding situations the preferred assumption that scholarly examine is mostly inaccessible to the lay reader. Evaluating Bilingual schooling: A Canadian Case Study was once written as a synthesis and evaluate of a couple of reviews of French immersion courses in Canada. it's a non-technical but thorough description of Canadian learn during this zone, meant not just for researchers, but in addition for fogeys, educators and coverage makers. info are supplied at the salient positive factors of immersion courses in Canada, the educational procedure used, and the tutorial, linguistic, social and psychologucal results linked to those courses. This in-depth description of 1 method of bilingual schooling - immersion - allows the reader to figure out its relevance to his/her personal specific socio-political context and academic setting.

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However, one problem associated with the use of standardized tests is that some items in the test may be inappropriate. For example, a number of items on achievement and IQ tests standardized in the United States include aspects of American life with which Canadian children may be unfamiliar. This problem becomes more severe the more culturally or linguistically different the group being tested is from the sample on whom the particular test was standardized. Another problem associated with standardized tests is that they tend to maximize differences among students in a class while minimizing the differences among classes.

GENESEE (1974c) reports on a study of the writing skills of grade 4 immersion students. Based on teacher ratings, the immersion group lagged behind non-immersion students in spelling, but their stories were considered more original. Ratings were comparable for sentence accuracy, vocabulary choice, sentence complexity and variety, and organization. Using a more extensive measure designed to test eleven objectives of the English language arts program in New Brunswick, GROBE (undated) found that grade 5 early immersion students scored as well as, or better than, their English program counterparts.

A significant difference indicates that the group averages are not the same, and the level of significance indicates the confidence one has in concluding that a real difference exists. 01, for example, means that, if the experiment were repeated, in only one case in one hundred would one expect to draw a different conclusion. S. (later at Glenview Sr. 5 Number of Students Included in the Data Analyses in the Evaluation of the Late Partial Immersion Program in the Peel County Board of Education Program Year Cohort Grade Level Late Immersion Core French 197172 1 8 55 54 197273 1 9 39 35 2 8 54 60 197374 1 10 34 22 2 9 41 30 3 8 48 68 197475 1 11 30 26 2 10 35 57 3 9 36 30 197576 0 13 15 1 12 19 22 2 11 23 15 3 10 20 15 197677 1 13 5 26 2 12 8 5 3 11 13 13 4 10 47 45 5 9 58 61 197778 2 13 6 8 3 12 16 10 4 11 10 7 8 25 197879 4 12 14 21 5 11 20 23 6 10 20 24 8 8 90 < previous page page_29 next page > < previous page page_30 next page > Page 30 Some General Issues in Psychometric Research In this section, some issues are discussed which must be faced by those undertaking the evaluation of any educational program, immersion or otherwise.

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