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As Jan Siccama has pointed out, with the creation and continuing stability of NATO and the Warsaw Treaty Organization over the past 40 years or so, many of the enduring intra-European conflicts that characterized pre-war Europe have virtually disappeared, while new divisions, most dramatically illustrated by East and West Germany, have arisen along the Cold War lines of East-West confrontation. Under the security umbrella provided from across the Atlantic, Western Europe has been able to recover from the ravages of war, to solidify stable, 41 42 European Defence Cooperation: Why Now?

Introducing ET, although these have not yet been shown to be cost effective against moving targets at long ranges;52 4. improving defence preparations (for example, by building shelters for US aircraft to be flown into Europe during times of crisis, or by building prepared defences and minefields). 1. The second and third remedies in particular may entail some division of labour between the allies. In order to avoid accusations that proposals for specialization are a pretext for attempts to diminish the national defence effort, the European allies would be well advised to adopt an overall plan, encompassing not only missions to be reduced or abdicated but also missions to be intensified or initiated.

55 Since the Western European states wish to retain American protection, they will look for the kinds of military cooperation which will not undermine NATO. This cooperation is enhanced by the process of political integration and by the necessity to produce modem conventional weapons in a common European effort. The Soviet Union has therefore proposed over and over again the dissolution of the 'aggressive NATO bloc' and the Warsaw Pact simultaneously. But, as was repeated in a recent Soviet study of West European military integration, it would be even worse if the EC developed into an autonomous military power: On the one hand, the almost complete absence of military integration [in Western Europe] reinforces the well-nigh monopolistic military-strategic position of the United States in the capitalist world.

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