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Enhydra XMLC Java Presentation improvement is written for laptop professionals,with a distinct specialize in program architects, Java internet program builders, and thosewho are only ramping up on Java and are enthusiastic about immersing themselves into Webapplication development.Taking a job view anyplace attainable, this e-book is written to aid these looking amore stylish, maintainable, and versatile mechanism for development net applicationpresentations. whereas we spend a while introducing the Enhydra program server forthose who're new to the subject of program server improvement, this ebook is focusedprimarily with regards to Enhydra XMLC and the way to exploit it to enhance the lifecyclerequirements of your net software.

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But xmlc can be told to leave this file intact with the –keep option. This is an excellent option to use while learning how xmlc leverages the id attributes to create accessor methods. Note There's no reason to wait until you've written your Java code to see how xmlc works. xmlc generates the Java class that your application will eventually import and manipulate. As soon as you've got your HTML or XML file created, insert some ids and run xmlc -keep to see what it does with them. Resuming xmlc and the Development Phase We now want to take the source tree, represented as a DOM class, instantiate it as an object and massage it with dynamic content created by Java logic.

3 shows how the XMLC SFAdminLogin object can be served up by a standard servlet object. " Internationalization As you might expect of a technology that has been nurtured and evolved by a worldwide open source project, support for internationalization is a key feature of XMLC. One of the other advantages of viewing HTML/XML pages as templates that can be loaded into your Java program is that you can localize each template as well. The template approach is good for more than device independence. 8, you can see that a per-language/per-template approach gives your application the capability to load the appropriate page object depending on the requested language.

XMLC supports loose coupling between presentation objects and XML/HTML documents. As a direct result, it also supports loose coupling between those who build these application components, namely designer and developer. In Chapter 1, we established the creation of XMLC as a response to project management needs in large consulting engagements. In keeping with the project emphasis, we'll approach the topic of XMLC development from a process view in order to bring out some of the how's and why's of XMLC development.

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