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By Lauren Dane

Nina Reyes is a simply slightly reformed grifter who has left her prior and her felony list at the back of. that's till her brother exhibits up on her doorstep with a few rogue werewolves out to kill him. Nina will get extra drawn into the internet of intrigue while Lex Warden, Cascadia Pack's Enforcer, involves her for aid and he or she finally ends up wanting his safeguard. There are lacking viral brokers, the werewolf mafia, demise threats, arson and a complete lot of sizzling intercourse and acerbic wit among them. Welcome to the Northwest and Cascadia Pack.

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She and I will discuss that later. Right now there are bigger issues,” Lex said solemnly. He could feel Nina beginning to get impatient with everyone talking around her. “And she knows and accepts all aspects of our culture, then? ” His father asked. “We were just about to discuss that when you pulled up,” Lex said this quickly and Nina turned and narrowed an eye at him. His father sighed. ” Lex’s tone brooked no further discussion. “She is my mate, you can clearly see that. She’s beautiful and intelligent and strong.

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