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This paintings was once began to supply keys to the aquatic insect species identified from Brazil. the unique objective used to be to incorporate all genera recognized from South the United States and all species from Brazil, yet for many teams, the scope was once extended to surround all species in South the United States, and, in lots of instances, to incorporate terrestrial species of orders that come with either terrestrial and aquatic taxa. In no case is a taxonomic reVlSlon of any staff undertaken, even if concepts for such revisions are integrated, and the possible synonymy of nominal species nonetheless handled as legitimate within the literature is famous. diverse techniques are hired in keeping with the taxon being taken care of. For phylogenetic teams encompassing overwhelmingly or solely aquatic species, akin to the orders Odonata and Ephemeroptera or the households Dytiscidae and Culicidae, keys are supplied to tell apart all genera and species identified to happen in South the United States. An attempt has been made to incorporate each identifiable species in order that the person of the most important can be sure with moderate sure bet even if his specimen belongs to a species that has already been defined or if it is one who isn't but recognized to science.

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Protaphorura yoZandae (Izarra, 1971) (Venezuela). Fig. 51 Protaphorura armata: postantennal organ and one pseudocellus (upper left), the sensory organ on the third segment of the antenna viewed in profIle (lower left), and apex of a tibiotarsus with the unguis and unguiculus (right). 53 Fig. 52: A sensory organ on the third segment of the antenna and the apex of the hind tibiotarsus with the unguis and unguiculus of Protaphorura encarpata. Hypogastruridae Key to the genera reported from South America Information for the key was provided by Stach (1949), Gisin (1960), Izarra (1972b, 1975), Diaz and Najt (1983), and Oliveira and Thibaud (1988; actually published in 1989).

Suborder Symphypleona................. 13 C9~ C~~ ~ Fig. 16 Cyphoderus limboxiphius: habitus, the dens and mucro with an enlargement of their subapical scales and mucro, and the apex of the tibiotarsus with the unguis and unguiculus. 29 Fig. 17 Oncopodura hyleana: habitus, with an enlarged postantennal organ, furca (right), and apex of the tibiotarsus with the unguis and unguiculus (below). 1~ A~~ Q ~ Fig. 18 Megalothorax rapoporti: habitus of this eyeless species with the apex of the maxilla (upper left), fused third and fourth segments of the antenna (upper center), apices of the tibiotarsi of the fore-leg in lateral and ventral view (left middle) and of the middle (right center) and hind legs (far right), retinaculum, and mucro.

Protaphorura encarpata (Denis, 1931) (Mexico, Central America, Galapagos Islands, Argentina). Syn: Protaphorura prosensillata Najt, Thibaud, and Jacquemart, 1991, according to Thibaud et aZ. (1994). - There is no row of six small, bow-like lobes separating the sixth abdominal tergite from the valvula supra-analis. The unguiculus does not have a lamella as long as the unguis. (Fig. 27). 1 mm. Color: white . . . . . . . . . . . . .... . . . . ....... Protaphorura yoZandae (Izarra, 1971) (Venezuela).

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