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By Chris Bobel, Samantha Kwan

Embodied Resistance engages the wealthy and complicated variety of society's modern "body outlaws"--people from many social destinations who violate norms concerning the deepest, the repellent, or the forbidden.  This assortment ventures past the normal concentrate on the "disciplined physique" and as a substitute, examines conformity from the viewpoint of resisters.   by means of balancing accessibly written unique ethnographic examine with own narratives, Embodied Resistance offers a window into the typical lives of these who defy or violate socially developed physique principles and conventions.

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S. ” In their dungeons, some pro-dommes play on this trope of the resistant female to preserve their statuses as dominant. ” Refraining from particular forms of sexual contact also emerges as a theme in some pro-dommes’ “humiliation scenes,” in which they tempt clients with the offer of sexual favors but ultimately deny them these expe- 31 32 Embodied Resistance riences. “It’s a dance,” one respondent explained. “I make them think I’m gonna have sex with them. Then [I say], ‘Are you kidding me?

Manly. Dirty. Animal-like. Women face these accusations when they choose not to shave, because traditional gender roles have made the body a source of political contention. One recent study states, “Far from being the inevitable outcome of a biological imperative, femininity is produced through a range of practices, including normative body-altering work such as routine hair removal. The very normativity of such practices obscures their constructive role” (Toerien and Wilkinson 2003, 334). Thus, body hair removal is one way women obey social norms dictated by patriarchal expectations.

There’s not only one way to look. ” Some women were acutely aware of the limitations of their feminist politics after participating in this exercise. For example, Parker, a white student, wrote: “It was a hard experiment for me because I can honestly say that I conform to what society expects of me as a female—high heels, Victoria’s Secret, looking good in public, makeup. ” Eva indicated even more ambivalence, wondering whether her feminist politics had advanced enough to support such an assignment.

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