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By Koul, O., Cuperus, G. W. (Eds.)

This publication, meant for all these excited about learning entomology, crop safety and pest administration, has 18 evaluation chapters on subject matters starting from the ecological results of chemical keep an eye on practices to the ecology of predator-prey and parasitoid-host platforms. on hand In Print

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Control of Johnson grass for control of maize dwarf mosaic virus is an example of eliminating wild virus overwintering reservoirs. For pathogens that require two hosts to complete their life cycle, eradication of alternate hosts reduces both inoculum and genetic variability. The barberry eradication programme started in the 1930s in the USA has done much to control wheat stem rust and to reduce genetic variability of the rust so that stem rust resistance genes are effective over longer periods.

The development of disease-suppressive soils has been described in many areas (Hornby, 1983; Thurston, 1990, 1991; Cook and Veseth, 1991). Perhaps the classic situation is ‘take-all decline’, whereby the severity of this wheat disease declines from devastating levels to non-economic levels after 5–7 years of continuous cropping to wheat. This phenomenon is thought to be associated with build-up of Pseudomonas rhizobacteria that are antagonistic to the take-all fungus. Development of suppressive soils has been described for other pathosystems including: potato scab, Phytophthora root rot of avocado and papaya, Fusarium wilt of cucurbits, Sclerotinia white mould of lettuce and several genera of nematodes attacking a wide range of plants.

Jacobson and rootstocks from nematode infestation. Hot water treatment is used in treating seeds, bulbs and rootstocks to eradicate pathogens. Examples include: crucifer seeds to eradicate X. campestris (black rot) and P. lingam (blackleg) infection, citrus rootstocks to eradicate the burrowing nematode, Radolpholus similis, and in bulbs for control of the bulb and stem nematode, Ditylenchus dipsaci. Care must be taken to control both temperature and time as either seeds or other plant materials can be damaged by excessive heat or by long duration of hot water soaks (Bridge, 1996; Agrios, 2005).

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