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This is another area that could become an additional chapter. Again, if you are interested, please let me know. There are many other facets to the Eclipse architecture that are worth discussion, but this book is about how to use Eclipse rather than how to extend it. So, we will leave this discussion for now and move on to the JDT. Eclipse 3 Live Chapter 2 Editing and Navigating Java Source Code The Java Development Tools (JDT) plug-in is the heart of what most Java developers use Eclipse for. The Javacentric view of the world comes from JDT.

After you save the file, you should see several problems that relate to not implementing all the methods that the List interface requires. In the old days you’d have to look at the javadoc for List and type frantically. With this feature, however, you only have to click a couple of buttons. 21. 21 Override/Implement Dialog Eclipse 3 Live 50 Java Editor Each selected method will be generated for you. Any unselected methods will not be generated. By default the dialog will select all of the methods that must be implemented to get the class to compile.

17. 17 Classpath Editor The first button, Add JARs…, allows you to specify jar files that are part of your project as members of the classpath. The next button, Add External JARs…, allows you to specify jar files that reside outside the project on your file system. Use caution when using external jar files because the project will store absolute file names, which can become difficult to work with for other members of your team. Add Variable… allows you to work around the down sides of using external files by allowing you to set up path variables that are not part of the project, so each developer working on the project can have a different location specified for the variable.

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