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By Nicholas Saunders

It is a captivating old photograph of the overdue Nicholas Saunders' prolonged quantity of study into MDMA. Highlights comprise a poignant story of rekindled love, and a watch establishing essay on Euoropean soccer (Soccer) hooligans long past mellow on X.

Admittedly, this isn't the number one top e-book on MDMA in the marketplace. it really is dated, and "Ecstasy, the MDMA Story," via Bruce Eisner is my most well-liked guide to MDMA from that period. nonetheless, Saunders' booklet in all fairness good researched, provides a extra Eurocentric perspective, contrasted with Eisner's united states concentration, and provides to be the flashiest, so much superb having a look booklet in your shelf. the back and front covers, in addition to the complete backbone are created out of an impressive colour altering glittery, shimmery paper. it's a very glossy paper, so carry the booklet as much as your face, and you may see a extraordinary self photo, floating among the rainbows.

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33) However, the lack of resources may prevent this from becoming policy. (159) I was also worried by the lack of interest in harm reduction on the part of the policemen I interviewed. I feel that it would earn the police a great deal more respect if they were seen to show some caring for ravers instead of being seen as persecuting them. org. Please ask before publicly reproducing. Last Mod - Apr 23 2009 Path : library > books_online > e_for_ecstasy Is it impor t ant t o you t o have accur at e inf or mat ion abo ut dr ugs ?

At the same time, it has been reported that several would-be nannies have been sacked from the Norland Nursery Training College for experimenting with the drug. Both ravers and emergent nannies should read the British Medical Journal editorial by Dr. John Henry, consultant physician at Guy's, on the pharmacology of Ecstasy, a drug first patented in 1913 as an appetite suppressant - and rejected for this purpose. . This was particularly annoying as my article had contained the following: Dr. Henry of the National Poisons Unit at Guy's Hospital, London, the researcher most quoted in alarmist reports, has been accused by one of his own sources of a misrepresentation of the facts.

People caught with other drugs on them or who have committed other offences are likely to face heavier fines or imprisonment. Supply If you are charged with supply, your case will almost certainly be heard at a Crown Court. Imprisonment is the usual penalty on conviction unless your barrister persuades the court that you are not a dealer but simply supplying friends. Sentences vary from 18 months to 5 years in most cases; again, chance plays a big part. Besides the quantity, being found with several different kinds of drug or a lot of cash will go against you, so will evidence that you were seen trying to sell drugs or that someone suffered as a result.

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