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By Dusty Schmidt and Paul Christopher Hoppe

Do not take heed to Phil Hellmuth marks not only a poker revolution, yet an evolution in addition. For these who have lengthy questioned why their video games cannot take the plunge into profitability, the reply has arrived within the kind of a question: have you thought of that a lot of what stands for modern mainstream poker idea is wrong? See when you realize any of those quite often held ideals: Pre-flop play does not topic that a lot. the most important to getting paid off is taking part in free so nobody can positioned you in a hand. Make enormous 3-bets to finish the hand now. Calling is vulnerable. you might want to guess this flop since you don't need to renounce. whereas there's a component of fact to a couple of those statements, they're on the whole significant misconceptions. With their new e-book, authors Dusty Schmidt and Paul Hoppe specialize in taking aside the 50 maximum fallacies in poker --- lots of which signify pillars of how the sport is performed. not anyone is spared: international champions, tv commentators ... even the authors themselves. All in all, do not hearken to Phil Hellmuth is a devastating blow to poker's previous protect; a surprise to the game's collective process. Like Schmidt's world-renowned booklet, deal with Your Poker Like A company, this ebook covers the main popular situations, offering options to events that come up each 10 mins instead of as soon as a month. brain you: this isn't a from-the-sidelines critique of poker luminaries, yet fairly a accomplished consultant that departs from the "one-size-fits-all" recommendation so universal this present day. Readers will locate do not take heed to Phil Hellmuth to be a sweeping handbook that perfectly troubleshoots the complete poker technique.

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How many more tables could you play if you only played 20% of your hands? Assuming you have the proper computer set up, the answer should be at least 50% more. Not only are you playing fewer hands at each table, but you’re specifically playing fewer marginal hands. That means you’ll have fewer time-consuming decisions. More of your plays will be straightforward. Let’s say that you usually can either play loose (30% of your hands) and get in 400 hands per hour, or tight (20% of your hands) and get dealt 600 hands per hour.

You should always be thinking about other situations where deviating will be more profitable than sticking to your chart. Never be afraid to sell someone a crane. 22 | Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth Misconception #5 The Key To Getting Paid Off Is Playing Loose So No One Can Put You On A Hand S ome of the best players in the world play looser than the vast majority of other good players. There is often a drive to emulate them. Perhaps this stems from hero worship, or perhaps from the misconception that playing so loose is what makes these players great.

16 | Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth “Some guy wanted to buy a crane,” the salesman laughs. “And you hung up on him? ” “But we don’t have cra–” “What the hell does that matter? ” the boss asks. ” The salesman calls the guy back and the boss begins furiously flipping through the yellow pages for crane dealers. He calls a few places, talks to a few guys, and thirty minutes later he’s brokering a deal where the caller gets a crane, the crane company gets $600,000, and he gets a 10% commission. Dusty heard this from a golfing buddy, who happened to be the boss in the above story.

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