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By Gruev B. Blagoy, Vassil Tomov

This catalogue and atlas summarise all on hand information at the distribution and ecology of leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae) in Bulgaria. Species bills comprise taxonomic prestige, synonymy, all recognized localities in Bulgaria and information on distribution and habitat personal tastes. each one species distribution is mapped. The ebook is addressed to taxonomists, creditors, nature conservationsts and biogeographers.

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Extra info for Distributional Atlas & Catalogue of the Leaf Beetles of Bulgaria: (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) (Faunistica)

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Panichkovo [ТОМОВ, 1976], KG67: vill. Varvara [ТОМОВ, 1976], LG61: Kardzhali and LG71: vill. Shiroko Pole [VT]; Mt Sakar: MG33: vill. Levka [GRUEV, 2003 b]; Mt. Strandzha: NG17: vill. Golyamo Bukovo and MG86: vill. Bolyarovo [ГРУЕВ и ТОМОВ, 1987]; Black Sea area: NG66: Tsarevo [VIG, 1992], NG68: outfall of Ropotamo and vill. Sveti Vlas [ТОМОВ, 1994]), in April and May, on Quercus. GENERAL DISTRIBUTION: southern part of the Balkan Peninsula, Asia Minor. Smaragdina (Monrosia) salicina (Scopoli, 1763) Buprestis salicina Scopoli, Ent.

Vill. Ognyanovo (ТОМОВ, 1970 а), KG86: vill. Kapitan Dimitrievo (VT), Mt. Sakar: MG53: vill. Sladun (GRUEV, 2003 b), in April and May, on Quercus. GENERAL DISTRIBUTION: Balkan Peninsula, Asia Minor. Labidostomis (Labidostomis) tridentata (Linnaeus, 1758) Chrysomela tridentata Linnaeus, Syst. , ed. 10: 374. Labidostomis tridentata: ЙОАКИМОВ, 1904: 37; НЕДЯЛКОВ, 1909 а: 17, 1909 б: 105; АПФЕЛБЕК, 1912: 240; APFELBECK, 1916: 359; ТОМОВ, ГРУЕВ, 1969: 165; ТОМОВ, 1970 а: 156; WARCHALOWSKI, 1974: 482; ГРУЕВ, ТОМОВ, 1984: 90; GRUEV, TOMOV, 1998: 20; GRUEV, 2004 b: 41, 2005 b: 113.

Subgenus Heterichnus Warchalowski, 1991 Cryptocephalus (Heterichnus) prusias Suffrian, 1853 (Map 38: I 1, 2, 3, 4; II 1, 2; IV; V 2, 1, 3, 6) Cryptocephalus prusias Suffrian, Linn. , 8: 95. Cryptocephalus informis: АПФЕЛБЕК, 1912: 242; APFELBECK, 1916: 361. 43 BLAGOY GRUEV AND VASSIL TOMOV 44 A DISTRIBUTIONAL ATLAS AND CATALOGUE OF THE LEAF BEETLES OF BULGARIA Cryptocephalus prusias: MOHR, 1969: 390; ТОМОВ, 1971 в: 151, 1977: 103; TOMOV, 1978: 60, 1979: 176; ГРУЕВ, ТОМОВ, 1984: 134; ТОМОВ, ГРУЕВ, 1987: 255; VIG, 1992: 299; GRUEV, TOMOV, 1998: 33; GRUEV, 2003 b: 44, 2003 c: 59, 2004 b: 44, 2004 c: 81, 2005 b: 114, 2006: 57.

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