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By W. Graf, J. Murphy, J. Dahl, C. Zamora-Munoz, M. J. Lopez-Rodriguez

This ebook sequence offers finished details on distribution and ecological personal tastes of eu freshwater organisms. the 1st quantity summarises the present wisdom on ecu caddisflies (Trichoptera), in line with the assessment of over 1,400 literature references. The distribution in the eu ecoregions (including Turkey and the Caucasian zone) is given for 1,426 ecu Trichoptera species and subspecies, categorized into 136 genera and 23 households. a wide selection of ecological personal tastes is gifted as numerical codes, together with feeding forms, habitat and present personal tastes, temperature and altitude personal tastes, lifestyles period and flight classes, and the reaction to environmental rigidity. The compilation is a different device for analysing freshwater biota, either for uncomplicated and utilized reasons equivalent to surroundings tracking and the implementation of ecu directives within the box of environmental defense.

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1 – Trichoptera Species Drusus siveci MALICKY, 1981 Drusus slovenicus URBANIC, KRUSNIK & MALICKY, 2002 Drusus spelaeus (ULMER, 1920) Drusus tenellus KLAPÁLEK, 1898 Drusus trifidus McLACHLAN, 1868 Drusus vernonensis MALICKY, 1989 Drusus vespertinus MARINKOVIC, 1976 Drusus vinconi SIPAHILER, 1992 Ecclisopteryx asterix MALICKY, 1979 Ecclisopteryx dalecarlica KOLENATI, 1848 Ecclisopteryx guttulata (PICTET, 1834) Ecclisopteryx madida (McLACHLAN, 1867) Ecclisopteryx malickyi MORETTI, 1991 Enoicyla costae McLACHLAN, 1876 Enoicyla pusilla (BURMEISTER, 1839) Enoicyla reichenbachi (KOLENATI, 1848) Glyphotaelius pellucidus (RETZIUS, 1783) Glyphotaelius persicus McLACHLAN, 1874 Glyphotaelius selysi McLACHLAN, 1869 Grammotaulius nigropunctatus (RETZIUS, 1783) Grammotaulius nitidus (MÜLLER, 1764) Grammotaulius sibiricus McLACHLAN, 1874 Grammotaulius signatipennis McLACHLAN, 1876 Grammotaulius submaculatus (RAMBUR, 1842) Grensia praeterita ROSS, 1944 Hadimina torosensis SIPAHILER, 2002 Halesus appenninus MORETTI & SPINELLI, 1981 Halesus calabrus MORETTI & SPINELLI, 1981 Halesus digitatus caucasicus OLAH, 1985 Halesus digitatus digitatus (SCHRANK, 1781) Halesus nurag MALICKY, 1974 Halesus radiatus (CURTIS, 1834) Halesus rubricollis (PICTET, 1834) Halesus tesselatus (RAMBUR, 1842) Hydatophylax infumatus (McLACHLAN, 1865) Hydatophylax variabilis MARTYNOV, 1910 Ironoquia dubia (STEPHENS, 1837) Isogamus aequalis (KLAPÁLEK, 1907) Isogamus czarnohorensis DZIEDZIELEWICZ, 1912 Isogamus lineatus KLAPÁLEK, 1903 Kelgena kelensis (MARTYNOV, 1926) Kelgena macahelensis SIPAHILER, 1999 Kelgena minima MEY, 1979 Ecological parameters – Species inventory 51 Species Lenarchus bicornis (McLACHLAN, 1880) Lenarchus productus (MORTON, 1896) Leptodrusus budtzi (ULMER, 1913) Leptotaulius gracilis SCHMID, 1955 Limnephilus affinis CURTIS, 1834 Limnephilus aistleitneri MALICKY, 1986 Limnephilus alaicus MARTYNOV, 1915 Limnephilus algosus (McLACHLAN, 1868) Limnephilus atlanticus MALICKY, 1915 Limnephilus auricula CURTIS, 1834 Limnephilus binotatus CURTIS, 1834 Limnephilus bipunctatus CURTIS, 1834 Limnephilus borealis (ZETTERSTEDT, 1840) Limnephilus caucasicus SCHMID, 1955 Limnephilus centralis CURTIS, 1834 Limnephilus cianficconiae MALICKY, 1980 Limnephilus coenosus CURTIS, 1834 Limnephilus decipiens (KOLENATI, 1848) Limnephilus diphyes McLACHLAN, 1880 Limnephilus dispar McLACHLAN, 1875 Limnephilus elegans CURTIS, 1834 Limnephilus externus HAGEN, 1861 Limnephilus extricatus McLACHLAN, 1865 Limnephilus femoralis KIRBY, 1837 Limnephilus femoratus (ZETTERSTEDT, 1840) Limnephilus fenestratus (ZETTERSTEDT, 1840) Limnephilus flavicornis (FABRICIUS, 1787) Limnephilus flavospinosus STEIN, 1874 Limnephilus fuscicornis (RAMBUR, 1842) Limnephilus fuscinervis (ZETTERSTEDT, 1840) Limnephilus germanus McLACHLAN, 1875 Limnephilus graecus SCHMID, 1965 Limnephilus griseus (LINNAEUS, 1758) Limnephilus guadarramicus (SCHMID, 1955) Limnephilus helveticus SCHMID, 1965 Limnephilus hirsutus (PICTET, 1834) Limnephilus ignavus McLACHLAN, 1865 Limnephilus impunctatus aduncus (NAVAS, 1923) Limnephilus incisus CURTIS, 1834 Limnephilus italicus McLACHLAN, 1884 Limnephilus lunatus CURTIS, 1834 Limnephilus luridus CURTIS, 1834 Limnephilus major MARTYNOV, 1909 52 DEPEFO Vol.

1 – Trichoptera Species Plectrocnemia kisbelai BOTOSANEANU, 1967 Plectrocnemia kydon MALICKY, 1975 Plectrocnemia laetabilis McLACHLAN, 1880 Plectrocnemia latissima MARTYNOV, 1913 Plectrocnemia limosa VAILLANT, 1967 Plectrocnemia minima KLAPÁLEK, 1899 Plectrocnemia mojkovacensis MALICKY, 1982 Plectrocnemia praestans McLACHLAN, 1884 Plectrocnemia renetta MALICKY, 1975 Plectrocnemia rizeiensis SIPAHILER, 1987 Plectrocnemia scruposa McLACHLAN, 1880 Plectrocnemia smiljae MARINKOVIC, 1966 Polycentropus armeniacus MARTYNOV, 1934 Polycentropus cianficconiae DE PIETRO, 2000 Polycentropus corniger McLACHLAN, 1884 Polycentropus corsicus MOSELY, 1931 Polycentropus devetaki KRUSNIK & MALICKY, 1992 Polycentropus divergens MOSELY, 1930 Polycentropus excisus KLAPÁLEK, 1894 Polycentropus flavomaculatus auriculatus MARTYNOV, 1926 Polycentropus flavomaculatus flavomaculatus (PICTET, 1834) Polycentropus flavomaculatus hebraeus BOTOSANEANU & GASITH, 1971 Polycentropus flavostictus HAGEN, 1856 Polycentropus francavillensis MALICKY, 1981 Polycentropus ichnusa MALICKY, 1974 Polycentropus ierapetra adana SIPAHILER, 1996 Polycentropus ierapetra anatolica SIPAHILER, 1989 Polycentropus ierapetra dirfis MALICKY, 1974 Polycentropus ierapetra ierapetra MALICKY, 1972 Polycentropus ierapetra ikaria MALICKY, 1974 Polycentropus ierapetra isparta SIPAHILER, 1996 Polycentropus ierapetra kalliope MALICKY, 1976 Polycentropus ierapetra septentrionalis KUMANSKI, 1986 Polycentropus ierapetra slovenica MALICKY, 1998 Polycentropus intricatus MORTON, 1910 Polycentropus irroratus CURTIS, 1835 Polycentropus kingi McLACHLAN, 1881 Polycentropus malickyi MORETTI, 1981 Polycentropus mazdakus SCHMID, 1959 Polycentropus milikuri MALICKY, 1975 Polycentropus morettii MALICKY, 1977 Polycentropus mortoni MOSELY, 1930 Polycentropus pirisinui MORETTI, 1981 Ecological parameters – Species inventory 59 Species Polycentropus radaukles MALICKY, 1977 Polycentropus schmidi NOVAK & BOTOSANEANU, 1965 Polycentropus segregatus MEY & JOOST, 1982 Polycentropus telifer McLACHLAN, 1884 Polycentropus tenerifensis MALICKY, 1999 Polycentropus terrai MALICKY, 1980 Polycentropus yuecelcaglari SIPAHILER, 1999 Pseudoneureclipsis graograman MALICKY, 1987 Pseudoneureclipsis gudulensis CAKIN, 1983 Pseudoneureclipsis lusitanicus MALICKY, 1980 PSYCHOMYIIDAE Lype auripilis McLACHLAN, 1884 Lype phaeopa (STEPHENS, 1836) Lype reducta (HAGEN, 1868) Paduniella uralensis MARTYNOV, 1914 Paduniella vandeli DECAMPS, 1965 Psychomyia ctenophora McLACHLAN, 1884 Psychomyia dadayensis SIPAHILER, 2006 Psychomyia fragilis (PICTET, 1834) Psychomyia klapaleki MALICKY, 1995 Psychomyia mengenensis SIPAHILER, 2006 Psychomyia pusilla (FABRICIUS, 1781) Tinodes adjarica MARTYNOV, 1913 Tinodes agaricinus MOSELY, 1930 Tinodes alepochori MALICKY, 1975 Tinodes algiricus algiricus McLACHLAN, 1880 Tinodes algiricus hispaniae BOTOSANEANU & DE JALÓN, 1987 Tinodes aligi MALICKY, 1972 Tinodes amtkela MEY & MÜLLER, 1979 Tinodes anemoessa MALICKY, 1984 Tinodes antonioi BOTOSANEANU & VIGANO, 1974 Tinodes apuanorum MORETTI, 1981 Tinodes aravil TERRA & GONZÁLEZ, 1992 Tinodes archilochos MALICKY, 1977 Tinodes arcuatus NYBOM, 1948 Tinodes aspoeckae MALICKY, 1975 Tinodes assimilis McLACHLAN, 1865 Tinodes baenai GONZÁLEZ & OTERO, 1984 Tinodes beysehirensis SIPAHILER, 1999 Tinodes braueri McLACHLAN, 1878 Tinodes bruttius MORETTI, 1981 Tinodes canariensis McLACHLAN, 1882 Tinodes caputaquae BOTOSANEANU & GASITH, 1971 60 DEPEFO Vol.

1 – Trichoptera Species Allogamus botosaneanui MORETTI, 1991 Allogamus corsicus corsicus (RIS, 1897) Allogamus corsicus illiesorum BOTOSANEANU, 1980 Allogamus dacicus SCHMID, 1951 Allogamus despaxi DECAMPS, 1967 Allogamus fuesunae MALICKY, 2004 Allogamus gibraltaricus GONZÁLEZ & RUIZ, 2001 Allogamus hilaris (McLACHLAN, 1876) Allogamus laureatus (NAVÁS, 1918) Allogamus ligonifer (McLACHLAN, 1876) Allogamus mendax (McLACHLAN, 1876) Allogamus mortoni (NAVÁS, 1907) Allogamus periphetes MALICKY, 2004 Allogamus pertuli MALICKY, 1975 Allogamus stadleri (SCHMID, 1951) Allogamus starmachi SZCZESNY, 1967 Allogamus uncatus (BRAUER, 1857) Anabolia brevipennis (CURTIS, 1834) Anabolia concentrica (ZETTERSTEDT, 1840) Anabolia furcata BRAUER, 1857 Anabolia laevis (ZETTERSTEDT, 1840) Anabolia lombarda RIS, 1897 Anabolia nervosa (CURTIS, 1834) Anisogamus difformis (McLACHLAN, 1867) Annitella amelia SIPAHILER, 1998 Annitella apfelbecki KLAPÁLEK, 1899 Annitella cabeza SIPAHILER, 1998 Annitella chomiacensis DZIEDZIELEWICZ, 1908 Annitella dziedzielewiczi SCHMID, 1952 Annitella esparraguera (SCHMID, 1952) Annitella iglesiasi GONZÁLEZ & MALICKY, 1988 Annitella kosciuszkii KLAPÁLEK, 1907 Annitella lalomba SIPAHILER, 1998 Annitella lateroproductra BOTOSANEANU, 1952 Annitella obscurata (McLACHLAN, 1876) Annitella pyrenaea NAVÁS, 1930 Annitella sanabriensis (GONZÁLEZ & OTERO, 1985) Annitella singularis (KLAPÁLEK, 1902) Annitella thuringica (ULMER, 1909) Annitella transsylvanica MURGOCI, 1957 Annitella triloba MARINKOVIC, 1955 Anomalopterygella chauviniana (STEIN, 1874) Arctopora trimaculata (ZETTERSTEDT, 1840) Ecological parameters – Species inventory 47 Species Astratodes turanus MARTYNOV, 1928 Asynarchus contumax McLACHLAN, 1880 Asynarchus impar (McLACHLAN, 1880) Asynarchus lapponicus (ZETTERSTEDT, 1840) Asynarchus thedenii (WALLENGREN, 1879) Asynarchus zhiltzovae KUMANSKI, 1981 Badukiella prohibita MEY & MÜLLER, 1979 Brachypsyche sibirica (MARTYNOV, 1924) Chaetopterna satunini MARTYNOV, 1913 Chaetopteroides bulgaricus (KUMANSKI, 1969) Chaetopteroides maximus (KUMANSKI, 1968) Chaetopterygopsis maclachlani STEIN, 1874 Chaetopterygopsis sisestii BOTOSANEANU, 1961 Chaetopterygopsis siveci MALICKY, 1988 Chaetopteryx abchasica (MARTYNOV, 1916) Chaetopteryx atlantica MALICKY, 1975 Chaetopteryx biloba BOTOSANEANU, 1960 Chaetopteryx bosniaca bosniaca MARINKOVIC, 1955 Chaetopteryx bosniaca cissylvanica BOTOSANEANU, 1960 Chaetopteryx clara McLACHLAN, 1876 Chaetopteryx denticulata DECAMPS, 1971 Chaetopteryx euganea MORETTI & MALICKY, 1986 Chaetopteryx fontisdraconis BOTOSANEANU, 1993 Chaetopteryx fusca BRAUER, 1857 Chaetopteryx gessneri McLACHLAN, 1876 Chaetopteryx gonospina MARINKOVIC, 1966 Chaetopteryx goricensis MALICKY & KRUSNIK, 1986 Chaetopteryx irenae KRUSNIK & MALICKY, 1986 Chaetopteryx lusitanica MALICKY, 1974 Chaetopteryx major McLACHLAN, 1876 Chaetopteryx marinkovicae MALICKY & KRUSNIK, 1988 Chaetopteryx morettii LODOVICI & VALLE, 2007 Chaetopteryx nalanae SIPAHILER, 1996 Chaetopteryx polonica DZIEDZIELEWICZ, 1889 Chaetopteryx rugulosa mecsekensis NOGRADI, 1986 Chaetopteryx rugulosa noricum MALICKY, 1976 Chaetopteryx rugulosa rugulosa KOLENATI, 1848 Chaetopteryx rugulosa schmidi BOTOSANEANU, 1957 Chaetopteryx sahlbergi McLACHLAN, 1876 Chaetopteryx stankovici MARINKOVIC, 1966 Chaetopteryx subradiata KLAPÁLEK, 1907 Chaetopteryx trinacriae BOTOSANEANU, CIANFICCONI & MORETTI, 1986 Chaetopteryx villosa gonzalezi BOTOSANEANU, 1980 48 DEPEFO Vol.

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