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By Aydin Arici(eds.)

Content material:
Chapter 1 assessment: problems of Menstruation (pages 1–9): Paul B. Marshburn and Bradley S. Hurst
Chapter 2 Prepubertal Genital Bleeding (pages 10–18): Kristin M. Rager, Preeti P. Matkins and Tara M. Vick
Chapter three abnormal Vaginal Bleeding and Amenorrhea in the course of the Pubertal Years (pages 19–42): Bradley S. Hurst
Chapter four Menstrual problems in the course of the Reproductive Years (pages 43–61): Michelle L. Matthews
Chapter five irregular Menstrual Bleeding in Hyperandrogenic Ovulatory disorder (pages 62–85): Rebecca S. Usadi
Chapter 6 irregular Uterine Bleeding as a result of Anatomic motives: prognosis (pages 86–107): Bradley S. Hurst
Chapter 7 irregular Uterine Bleeding because of Anatomic explanations: therapy (pages 108–123): Bradley S. Hurst
Chapter eight rare Menstrual Bleeding and Amenorrhea throughout the Reproductive Years (pages 124–138): Paul B. Miller
Chapter nine Menstrual Cycle?Related medical issues (pages 139–152): Paul B. Marshburn
Chapter 10 abnormal Bleeding throughout the Menopause Transition (pages 153–165): Isiah D. Harris and William D. Schlaff
Chapter eleven Postmenopausal Bleeding (pages 166–183): Karen D. Bradshaw and David Tait

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Loss of an X chromosome accelerates oocyte depletion. Although streak gonads are most common, approximately 8% of girls with monosomy X Turner syndrome, and approximately 20% of those with Turner mosaicism, undergo menarche. Thus, it is not uncommon for a girl with Turner syndrome to begin pubertal development but then experience arrested maturation. caution The presentation of Turner syndrome is similar or identical to another syndrome of gonadal dysgenesis—46,XY Swyer syndrome. Girls with Swyer syndrome are predisposed to gonadal cancer, so gonadectomy is indicated when a 46,XY karyotype is identified.

Individuals with the premutation have 55–200 repeats. This form is unstable and susceptible to expansion in offspring. Fragile X syndrome manifests with over 200 repeats and is characterized by mental retardation and macroorchidism in males. Fragile X syndrome is the most frequent inherited cause of mental retardation, with an incidence of 1 in 1,200 males and 1 in 2,000 females. Ovarian failure or ovarian insufficiency may be presenting sign of the FMR1 premutation in girls. Because of the implications to family members, FMR1 screening should be obtained in all girls with primary ovarian insufficiency.

The brain feminizes in the absence of testosterone.

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