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After Charles had his turn at being the king of England, Prince William would be next in line—no matter his age. Even though Diana was only twenty years old—her twenty-first birthday was not for another few weeks—she had done what no other woman in England at the time could do. She had successfully produced a male heir to the throne. In the media, much discussion took place about the tiny baby’s new name. 25 People in Great Britain and across the world rejoiced. 27 The fairytale royal couple now became the perfect royal parents—at least that is what people thought.

At the time, its victims were chiefly homosexual men and intravenous drug users. At the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, many people died because of the disease. People who had the disease were isolated and alone; few people would risk their own health to be close to them. As Diana began to visit AIDS victims in the late 1980s, she helped others get over that stigma, as photos of her comforting AIDS victims in Britain appeared around the world. Meanwhile, progress was being made by researchers. Although there is still no cure, drugs have been developed that help control the HIV infection and may delay the onset of AIDS.

39 Indeed, the eyes of the world watched as this young woman became the fairy tale princess. Even in countries that do not have royal families, such as the United States, people were infatuated with the affair. Some in the media questioned the relevance of Britain’s royal family, which has no significant power and are little more than figureheads. “There are those who are positive about the monarchy, and those who are lukewarm,” a politics professor from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland noted when questioned.

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