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4 Duplicating an Image Object Level It is often useful to duplicate an image object level in order to modify the copy. To duplicate a level, do one of the following: „ Choose Image Objects > Copy Current Level from the main menu. The new image object level will be inserted above the currently active one „ Create a process using the Copy Image Object Level algorithm. You can choose to insert the new image object level either above or below an existing one. 5 Editing an Image Object Level or Level Variable You may want to rename an image object level name, for example to prepare a rule set for further processing steps or to follow your organization's naming conventions.

For each process execution, only those candidate image objects that neighbor the seed image object before the process execution are merged into the seed objects. The following sequence illustrates four Grow Region processes: Figure 43: Red seed image objects grow stepwise into green candidate image objects Note Grow region processes should begin the initial growth cycle with isolated seed image objects defined in the image object domain. Otherwise, if any candidate image objects border more than one seed image objects, ambiguity will result as to which seed image object each candidate image object will merge with.

3 Feature View The Feature View button may be deactivated when you open a project. It becomes active when you select a feature in the Feature View window by double-clicking on it. Image objects are displayed as grayscale according to the feature selected. Low feature values are darker, while high values are brighter. If an object is red, it has not been defined for the evaluation of the chosen feature. 4 Pixel View or Object Mean View This button switches between Pixel View and Object Mean View.

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