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Sect. 2). Substitution reactions of alkyl halides using primary amines easily lead to tertiary amines, because the secondary amines as a rule are more nucleophilic than the original acyclic primary amines. If, on the other hand, cyclization should lead only to the secondary amine, as is often the aim in intermolecular ring closure reactions, then the reactivity of the primary amino function must be reduced. This can be achieved by the formation of the sulfone amides. Most often para-toluene sulfone amides have been used, more rarely the mesyl amides.

Introduction of Sect. II) - - less suitable for reactions according to the dilution method. ). This may be due to the coordinative effect of the oxygen atoms 11,- i, 13,14,15 i, j) in the acyclic educts which favours the formation of medio- and macrocyclic products. Metal ions, present either as inorganic bases for the formation of the alcoholates or which must be added to the reaction medium, coordinate with the oxygen atoms and restrict the conformational flexibility of the oligooxy-chain. -h) forces or facilitates a favourable orientation for the ring closure step.

B) A second subgroup of the 2C-DP-reactions 6a) covers only a few syntheses of monocyclic thiaphanes, the formation of which is usually achieved by simultaneous addition of two solutions: one dropping funnel containing the dibromo compound and the dithiol, the other dropping funnel containing the base in a suitable solvent. 0 mmole) in 250 ml of ethanol reaction type: 2C-DP 6a) reaction solvent: ethanol (2 1), benzene (400 ml) reaction temperature: boiling solvent time of addition: 3-4 hrs additional reaction time: 1 hr yield: 62 ~ of 76 Some cyclic intermediates for helical hydrocarbons have been synthesized according to this method lOO) 3C-DP-reaction 6a).

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